What is the general trend?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: What is the general trend?
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What is the name of the line that does not connect the dots but shows a general trend?

A trend line.

What is the general trend within a family or a group?

The general trend within a family or group is typically towards cooperation, mutual support, and shared interests. Members often work together to achieve common goals, maintain harmony, and provide emotional support for one another. Communication and understanding play key roles in fostering positive interactions within the family or group.

Why does rubidium not follow the general trend of ionization energy in its group?

I suppose that this trend is normal.

What best describes the general trend in 20th century architecture?

Simplicity best describes the general trend in 20th century architecture.

Is the pattern of atomic radius absolute or general?

The pattern is a general trend that is very consistant

How does temperature change from winter to spring?

In the Northern Hemisphere there will be a general warming trend and in the Southern Hemisphere there will be a general cooling trend. These effect are more noticeable the further from the equator you go

What part of speech is trend?

The word "trend" can be a noun or a verb. As a noun, it refers to a general direction in which something is developing or changing. As a verb, it means to have a general tendency in a particular direction.

What does trends mean?

trend means trend innit

What is the definition of trend?

trend is a line of general course or a pattern of events or occurence. It's also a brand of economy-priced laundry detergent.

What is the difference between a trend and a fad?

A fad is a temporary fashion, something short lived. A trend is a general course leading to a more permanent solution

What is the general trend in ionization energy?

increases from left to right across a period.

The general trend of the isotherms are from north to south or east to west?

The general trend of isotherms is typically from north to south. Isotherms show lines of equal temperature, so they tend to shift in a north-south direction due to the tilt of the Earth's axis and the distribution of sunlight across latitudes.