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Yes. However, it's expensive, adverserial and may create a schism in the family so it should be done as a last resort. When one tenant in common doesn't want to sell and the others do, the ones who want to sell can file a petition to partition in the local court of jurisdiction. Partitions are usually allowed. If allowed the court will appoint a commissioner who will have the property appraised at fair market value, market it and sell it if a reasonable offer is made. Remember that property prices are down at this time. In addition to the usual closing costs there will be other legal costs, the listing costs and the commissioners costs and fee which is set by the court. All those costs will come out of the proceeds from the sale. The remaining funds will be divided equally among the tenants in common. Taking that into consideration perhaps an offer could be made to the one who wants to keep the property and she/he could buy the others out. Perhaps you could find a temporary tenant and allow some time to pass if you think time may help the other to part with the property eventually.

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Q: Can the house be sold if 1 sibling does not agree due to sentimental reasons?
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