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Q: Does every town have a sterrt called elm st?
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Does every town have an Elm Street?

No, not every town has an Elm Street. Elm Streets are common in some areas due to urban planning trends in the past, but they are not a universal feature in every town.

How do you get to Elm street?

Elm Street is located in a fictional town named Springwood, so you can't...but as Freddy once stated; "Every town has got an Elm Street!".

Is there a real street called elm street?

yes, there is a elm street in New jersey,it is close to Atlantic city

Where is proffeseer elm in hartgold?

in newbark town

Where is pro. elm in Pokemon HeartGold?

newbark town

Where is elm's lab in Kanto?

Professor Elm doesn't have a lab in Kanto, his lab is in New Bark Town in Johto. Professor Oak has the lab in Kanto (Pallet Town).

Where is prov elm in heartgold ds?

Prof. Elm is in his lab in New Bark town as soon as you start the game.

What is slippery elm called in Portuguese?

Slippery elm is called "ulmo escorregadio" or "ulmária" in Portuguese.

How do you get from Azalea town to professor Elm's lab on ds soulsilver?

Fly to new bark Town :)

What is elm?

Elm is the common name of the genus of trees called Ulmus

Where is the professor elm in Pokemon soul silver?

In New Bark Town. :)

Where is Prof Elm?

In the Pokemon Lab in New Bark Town.