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Literally translated, it means: Soccer nets

They are referring to the goals.

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Q: How do you say redes de futbol in English?
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How do you say soccer field in spanish?

Cancha de futbol or campo de futbol

How do you say foodball in spanish?

futbol de americano

What does program de futbol mean in English?

football (or soccer) program

How do say soccer team in Spanish?

equipo de futbol

What is English for 'contragolpe de futbol'?

counter attack. as in an offensive reaction in order to recuperate.

How do you say they are going to the soccer game in spanish?

Van al partido de futbol

When was Club de Futbol Universidad de Costa Rica created?

Club de Futbol Universidad de Costa Rica was created in 1941.

When was Liga Futbol de Tehuacan A.C. created?

Liga Futbol de Tehuacan A.C. was created in 1945.

How do you say i like the jets football team in spanish?

Me gusta el equipo de futbol Jets

What does partido mean in English?

game/match, as in; fui al partido de futbol - i went to the football game/match

How to say in Spanish this is the Barcelona football kit?

Suggestion: 'Esto es la equipacion (de futbol) *del Barca' (accent on 'o' in eqipacion' and 'futbol'; cedilla, the little tail, under the 'c') * or: '....del FC Barcelona'

Videos de Futbol is a phrase in which language?

The phrase "Videos de Futbol", according to the use of Google Translate online, reflects the American translation of "football videos" and is from Catalan.