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Q: What do the star colors in yelp ratings mean?
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What are some names of good moving companies in Chicago?

"New city moving" and "Move-tastic" have both got 5 star ratings on yelp. Other companies that have gotten high Yelp ratings are "EMS Moving", "USA Moving and Storage" and "Collins family movers".

What is the Yelp rating for Eyemasters in Austin?

The Yelp rating for Eyemasters in Austin depends on the store location as there are more than several Eyemasters around the Austin area of Texas. The Eyemasters near Texas Highway features a three and a half stars rating on Yelp. The Eyemasters on Airport Boulevard features a three and a half star rating as well. The Eyemasters in the Great Hills area features a a two and a half star rating. These are some of the Yelp ratings for Eyemasters in Austin.

Where can a person go to find a listing of Circuit City stores in Texas?

You can find a listing of all Circuit City stores in Texas in the Yellow Pages and Yelp. Yelp has a great layout with full reviews whist Yellow Pages has an easy to navigate site with star ratings.

Where could a person find ratings for computer repair stores in New York?

One can find ratings for computer repair stores in New York City on the Yelp website. The ratings and reviews on the Yelp website are wrote by genuine consumers.

What are the reviews of all star Fitness?

I have found that you can find reviews for All Star Fitness on sites such as Yelp. The reviews and ratings will depend on the specific location of the one you are inquiring about. Overall from the reviews I read the rating is between 3 and 4 stars.

What rating do Hampton homes have?

Hampton homes ratings vary by location. The ratings also vary depending on the website reviewing them. For example, Hampton Homes in Texas has a five star rating at the Yelp website, while Hampton Homes in Arizona only has three stars at the Apartment Ratings website.

What are some names of great hotels in Jackson Mississippi?

According to the reviewer website Yelp, some of the top rated hotels in Jackson are : Cabot Lodge Jackson Millsaps which has a 4.5 star rating, The Hilton Garden Inn that has a 3.5 star rating and The Hilton Jackson that also has a 3.5 star rating. The ratings are based on a 5 star system.

Does Iowa have any restaurants?

Iowa does indeed have restaurants. Check Yelp or Trip Advisor for ratings.

What kinds of reviews does Mesa Grill receive?

The types of reviews that the Mesa Grill receives depends on which location one is looking at. Generally speaking, most Mesa Grills receive 3-4 star ratings on the Yelp website.

Where can one find information about the website Papaginos?

One may find information on the website "Papa Ginos" by using the resources at Yelp. Customer generated reviews and ratings are provided through the Yelp profile.

In what year did Yelp Inc - YELP - have its IPO?

Yelp Inc. (YELP)had its IPO in 2012.

Where can someone find information about 10 video?

Someone looking for information about Big 10 Video can find it on the Yelp website. Yelp has customer ratings and reviews. Big 10 Video is a video store located in Sacramento, California.