What does renovated mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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It means to renew or restore.

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Q: What does renovated mean?
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How do you spell renovated?

Renovated is the correct spelling.

What country singer was born in a renovated box car?

Merle Haggard was born in a renovated box car.

When was the old Yankee Stadium renovated?

Yankees Stadium was renovated during the 1974, and 1975 season reopening in 1976.

What is renovated in Spanish?


Bathroom Brothers?

A renovated company

What does rehabbed mean in real estate listings?

A home that was foreclosed or bank owned (REO) and has been purchased and renovated to like new condition.

When was The Great Wall of China renovated?


When was the capitol Richmond Virginia renovated?


The office building was built in 1978 and renovated in 1977?


Has the great wall of China ever been renovated?


What was mount Vernon in need if in 1858?

Renovated. I think........

Why was the old renovated Yankee Stadium originally built in 1923 demolished?

The old renovated "House that Ruth built" Yankee Stadium was demolished as the Yankees wanted a new, modern stadium.