What is Chelsea Staub's dad's name?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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John Staub =)

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Q: What is Chelsea Staub's dad's name?
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What is Chelsea Staubs middle name?


What is Chelsea Staubs full name?

Chelsea's real name is Chelsea Kane Staub.

Is Chelsea Staubs last name Kane?

No it is her middle name

What is Chelsea Staubs sisters name?

Chelsea Staub is an only child and has no siblings

What is Stellas from the show Jonas real name?

Chelsea Staubs

What is Chelsea Staub's favorite book?

Chelsea staubs favorite book is Forever April

Did Chelsea Staubs mom die?

No her Mom is still alive

What is Chelsea Staubs birthday?

Chelsea Kane Staub, aka Chelsea Kane, was born September 15, 1988

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