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Q: What is the name of the main square in Boston?
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What is the name of the celtic's arena?

Boston square garden

What is the name of Beijing's main square?

Tiananmen Square.

What is the name of the main squae in Madrid?

Madrid's main square is called Plaza Mayor, meaning large square.

What is a restaurant that begins with a you?

Uniscali Modern Italian is the name of a restaurant in Denver. Upstairs on the Square is the name of a restaurant in Boston.

What is Boston's size in square miles?

Boston is about 89.63 square miles.

What is the name of the main square in Prague?

There are two main squares in Prague, one is the Old Town Squre, the other is the Wenceslas Square.

When was Bowdoin Square - Boston - created?

Bowdoin Square - Boston - was created in 1788.

How many sq miles in Boston Massachusetts?

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - The city proper has an area of 89.63 square miles.

The name of the skyscraper building in Boston?

The tallest building is the John Hancock Tower (the blue one). The square building is the Prudential Center. But the John Hancock is the tallest in Boston.

Is Boston bigger than Ireland?

No. Ireland is much bigger than Boston. The city of Boston is about 89 square kilometres. Ireland is about 84,421 square kilometres.

Boston college is located in what city?

Boston City Hall is located in the heart of down town Boston. It is located at the city hall square. The address of Boston City Hall is 1 City Hall Square Boston, Massachusetts 02201.

What town does the Boston marathon stop?

The Boston Marathon stops in Boston. It stops at Copley Square.