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a man got his foot caught in a lockker and hence the name "FootLocker"

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Q: Where did the name footlocker come from?
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When did footlocker start its company?

footlocker started in 1923

What footwear retailer has a referee logo?

Footlocker, apparently

What was footlocker like?

footlocker was like a little shack and it was blackand white

Does footlocker sell tall tees?

Yes, they come in blue, green, grey, black and white. They are all plain.

Where can I buy a school gym uniform with my name and surname?

there are many actually, go to a local footlocker i did it there.

Where can you buy hyperdunks?

I bought my hyperdunks from footlocker. So just look in footlocker or eastbay

Does footlocker U.K. ship to U.S.?

From what i've heard, no, Footlocker U.K. does not ship to U.S.

Where can you buy a footlocker?

One cannot buy a footlocker. One can go to a local store called FootLocker, and take a look at and try on the wide variety of shoes and sneakers they sell.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Footlocker - 2010?

The cast of The Footlocker - 2010 includes: Ryan Sulak as Fred

Where can you get a coupon for shoes at a footlocker store?

Type words as "coupon" "footlocker coupons" you will get tons of websites with coupons.

When was footlocker founded?


Does footlocker take checks?