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Q: How has the mean value of the number of the cactus spines in the population changed?
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What might the average number of spines on cacti be?

An average number of spines on a cacti may vary from the species of the cacti. A desert cactus can grow up to 2000 spines without a problem. However, a normal house cactus can only grow up to 800-1000 spines.

Does a cactus have a thorn?

No, a cactus does not have a thorn. A cactus has spines.

Why cactus plant have spines?

they have the spines to protect them from your face

What do you call the sharp point on cactus stems?

The pointy things on a cactus are called spines.

How do the spines on a cactus help it survive?

Spines: Spines help the cactus in several ways. The most obvious use of the spines is for protection against foragers. The cactus basically states "How much pain are you willing to indure to get a drink in this desert?"; Surprisingly, some animals do partake. In some cactus varieties the spines participate in water collection. Water from dew condenses on spines and, in some cactus species, downward-pointing spines help to direct rainwater to the roots of the plant. Spines help to reflect light away from the cactus stem theoretically lowering the stem temperature. Some spines also trap in a layer of air next to the cactus stem preventing loss of water via evaporative cooling.

Can a cactus shoot its spikes at animals?

There is no cactus capable of shooting its spines.

How have leaves of a cactus adapt to the desert?

Leaves have evolved into spines on the cactus.

Are cactus spines alive?

Yes, cactus spines are living parts of the cactus plant. They owe their existence to growth buds on the plant's surface. From the growth buds also come a cactus plant's flowers.

What are the quills attached to on a cactus?

The 'spines' of a cactus attach directly to the stem of the plant.

What do all cacti have?

All cactus have spines.

How are embedded cactus spines removed?

Remove embedded cactus spines by soaking the affected area. Apply products that encourage the spines to rise to the surface. In many cases, the spines may be removed by looking through a magnifying glass and using tweezers.

Are all cactus spiny?

No, there are some species that have no spines.