A Separate Peace

First published in 1959, A Separate Peace was written by John Knowles. The story was adapted into a 1972 screenplay of the same name.

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A Separate Peace

In A Separate Peace what is brinkers last name?

Brinker Hadley

A Separate Peace

Where can you read A Separate Peace online?


: No guy above this is wrong. you can read alot of the book legally here http://books.Google.com/books?id=MXodmuKR7vYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=a+separate+peace&sig=ACfU3U2WtarFtFxZ5bqNLPWpKnFK1owHTA#PPA36,M1

A Separate Peace

Which aspect of A Separate Peace was not part of Knowles's experience at Exeter?

violent actions

A Separate Peace

What chapter does finny die in A Separate Peace?

At the end of Chapter 12 is when he dies. Sad but true. He dies because of poor medical care.

A Separate Peace

Which place from Knowles's life is most like the school in A Separate Peace?


A Separate Peace

What is Phineas' last name in A Separate Peace?

We aren't given his last name

A Separate Peace

How does gene find peace in A Separate Peace?

Gene reaches his peace when Finny dies. Because Gene's mental rivalry manifested jealous actions and constant guilt, Finny's death was the end of Gene's own personal war. Thus, everyone has their own war and peace.

A Separate Peace

What does leper's letter say in A Separate Peace?

he's enlisting in the army

A Separate Peace

In 'A Separate Peace' when Gene visits Finny in the infirmary does he find out that Finny had been secretly writing?

He finds out that Finny has been writing to different branches of the army, asking to enlist, but he was rejected every single time beacayse of his leg.

A Separate Peace

What is the author's attitude or tone toward A Separate Peace?

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A Separate Peace

What adjectives describe gene from A Separate Peace?

Modest athletic confident forgiving idealistic friendly clever

A Separate Peace

Why did the author call the book A Separate Peace?

The author called the book "A Separate Peace" because Devon, their school, is an area of peace separated from the world, during World War II. Devon at that time of the Summer of 1944 was a time of freedom. Also Gene had to separate himself from Finny to find his own peace since Finny created that peaceful atmosphere at Devon.

A Separate Peace

In 'A Separate Peace where does Finny live?

In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Phineas (Finny) lives in the outskirts of Boston. We know that from chapter 5 when Gene visits Finny.

A Separate Peace

Was 'A Separate Peace' a story of sin and redemption?

Yes it was.

A Separate Peace

What are some important quotes from A Separate Peace?

go here: http://www.bookrags.com/notes/asp/QUO.htm

A Separate Peace

In A Separate Peace what is the name of Gene's school?


A Separate Peace

In A Separate Peace which leg did finny break?


A Separate Peace

What is the theme in A Separate Peace?

The coming of age. Acceptance of synthesizing opposing forces - good against evil.

Love is stronger than hate.

A Separate Peace

Example of hyperbole in A Separate Peace?

One example of hyperbole in A Separate Peace is: "…took in the lofty complex they held high above, branches and branches of branches, a world of branches with an infinity of leaves" (29-30).

A Separate Peace

What were Finny's rules in A Separate Peace?

"Never say you are five feet nine when you are five feet eight and a half."

"Always say some prayers at night because it might turn out that there is a God."

"You always win are sports."

A Separate Peace

Figurative language in A Separate Peace?

Towards the end when Leper talks about what happen at the tree before Finny broke his leg : Leper says ; " like golden machine-gun fire . " " as black as death - " " they moved like an engine . "

A Separate Peace

Which best describes Gene in A Separate Peace?

An Antihero

A Separate Peace

Does gene ever go to the war in A Separate Peace?

No he doesn't. He cant because Finny didn't want him to......

A Separate Peace

In the book A Separate Peace in what month did Finny come back?

november november

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A Separate Peace

What happens after the questioning in the Assembly Room?

In A Separate Peace, Phineas falls down the stairs after the questioning in the Assembly Room.


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