Austin Mahone (Singer)

Austin Mahone is a 15-Year old singer who became famous in 2011 after uploading clips to Youtube for his music. He is compared to Justin Bieber for achieving fame by the same way and has released 2 hit singles so far.

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Austin Mahone (Singer)

What are facts about Austin mahone?

-Austin Mahone was born on April 4,1996

-His moms name is Michele - twitter @michelemahone-His dad died when he was 16 months old

-His bestfriends name is Alex Constancio - twitter @alexconstancio7

-His first kiss was in 6th grade

-His favorite song is One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber

-His favorite candy is Hershey's Kisses -His favorite color is Red

-He lives in San Antonio, Texas

-He is Home schooled

-His height is 5'8

-Eye Color is Green/Hazel

-Learned to play the guitar by a teacher

-Hat size 7 1/2

-Favorite sports team is Spurs

-Favorite Shoe Brand Jordan Nike's

-He owns 8 hats

-He plays piano, guitar, and drums

-He would date a fan

-He likes any kind of girl

-He can speak Spanish

-He goes for girls that are fun, makes him laugh, and has pretty eyes.

-favorite animal is a tiger

-His dream is to be big enough to hop in a tour bus and go on tour.. first in America then Canada , he wants to sing in radio stations too

-He would love to go on tour with Justin Bieber, Thats his biggest dream

-shoe size 11 and he fits into 11 1/2 too

-His Favorite sub sandwich is Ham and Cheese on Itallian

-His hair is light brown and wavy

-He gets his braces off in March 2012

-He has a cat named Romo and a dog named Angel

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is Austin mahones middle name?

Austin's Middle Name Is Carter .

His Full Name Is Austin Carter Mahone (:

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Where does Austin Mahone live?

Austin Mahone Lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is Austin Mahones favorite color?

Austin Mahone's favorite color is red.
Some say that it is red.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is Austin Mahones moms name?

Michelle Mahone! :)

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Austin Mahone (Singer)

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Austin Mahone (Singer)

Who is Austin Mahone?

Austin Mahone is aN 18 year old singer.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What are Austin Mahone's fans called?


Austin Mahone (Singer)

Where is Austin Mahone from?

Austin mahone lives in Miami flordia

Niall Horan
Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is austin mahone middle name?


Austin Mahone (Singer)

Where can you buy austin mahone posters?

You can buy posters in lots of magazines online.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What does Austin mahone do?

Austin Mahone makes covers of songs on youtube, but this fall he is in the studio making some originals.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Is Sami Corson dating Austin Mahone?


Austin Mahone (Singer)

Who is Austin Mahone's friends?

Austin Mahone's friends are Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Tyler Stanush. Thats all i know because i watched his videos where Alex, Robert, Tyler, and Zach were backstage.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Does Austin Mahone have a Quizazz profile?

yes he does...

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Where does Austin mahone live in 2012?

San. Antonio, Texas

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Why do men like blondes more than brunettes?

There is no evidence to say that men prefer blondes more than brunettes. It is a matter of personal preference.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What are Austin Mahones pets names?

2 Cats: Romo & Anthony

Dog: Angel

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Is Austin Mahone a christian?

yes .He is a God fearing kid living his life pleasing to God.

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Is austin mahone real name conner?


Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is the youngest age Austin Mahone will date?

From what i see and hear 12 or 13. But he only dates non crazy fans that make him laugh, has a nice smile and nice eyes:)

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Who is Austin mahone's best friend?

Alex Constancio

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What time was Austin mahone born?

Im pretty sure it was April 4 1996 at 11:14

Austin Mahone (Singer)

Is Austin mahone Christian?

yes Austin Mahone is Christian

Austin Mahone (Singer)

What is Austin mahones dads name?

Charles Mahone.


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