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Beverly Cleary is an American author known for her children's books and series. Beverly Cleary, the Newberry Award winner, is well known for books such as "Ralph S. Mouse" and "Beezus and Ramona."

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Beverly Cleary

When was Beverly Cleary born?

Beverly Cleary was born on April 12, 1916.

Beverly Cleary

5 definitions of personality according to different authors?

There are many definitions of personality according to different authors. One accepted definition is that personality is created not born with.

Beverly Cleary

Does beverly cleary have a family?

no,they all died in the cilvil war

Beverly Cleary

Is Beverly Cleary still alive and well?

She is still alive at the age of 93.

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Beverly Cleary

Sequence of Ramona books written by Beverly Cleary?

She started out in the Henry novels as the annoying little sister. She eventually became the center of her own series.

Henry Huggins (1950)

Henry and Beezus (1952)

Henry and Ribsy (1954)

Beezus and Ramona (1955)

Henry and the Paper Route (1957)

Henry and the Clubhouse (1962)

Ramona the Pest (1968)

Ramona the Brave (1975)

Ramona and her Father (1977)

Ramona and her Mother (1979)

Ramona Quimby age 8 (1981)

Ramona Forever (1984)

Ramona's World (1999)

Beverly Cleary

What is Beverly Cleary's Mother And Fathers Names?

Beverly's mom's name is Mable Atlee Bunn. Beverly's middle name is Atlee just like her mom.

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Beverly Cleary

What was Lemony Snicket like when he was a kid?

Well, Lemony Snicket isn't a real person. Sad but true. A Series of Unfortunate Events was written by Daniel Handler. If you're looking for info on Daniel Handler, just look him up on Wikipedia. If you're wondering about the fictional character Lemony Snicket, than buy/borrow the book 'Lemony Snicket: An Unauthorized Autobiography', or go to his page on Wikipedia.

Beverly Cleary

Is Beverly Cleary's mom dead?

No Beverly Cleary is not dead she is currently 94 and will turn 95 on April 12, 2011.

Beverly Cleary

Where does Ramona Quimby live?

Klickitat Street in portland

Beverly Cleary

How many books have Beverly Cleary wrote?

Beverly Cleary has written about 37 young adult and children's books.

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Beverly Cleary

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Beverly Cleary

What are the Beverly Brothers doing now?

If memory serves me correctly, the Beverly Brothers was a team that was made up of 2 Superstars that made a much bigger name for themselves in single's competition. One member was originally "Flyin" Brian Pullman, which was later known as the "Loose Cannon" Brian Pullman. Unfortunatley, the world of Sports Entertainment lost Brian some time ago. The other member was at one time known as "The Ringmaster" and was employed by the Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase, as part of the Million Dollar Foundation. This superstar later made a much bigger name for himself known as the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin, who is currently in a contract with WWE to film three movies.

The first answer is incorrect. The Beverly Bros. were Mike Enos and Wayne Bloom. They were an incarnation of the Minnesota Wrescking Crew pre-WWF. The previous answer is describing The Hollywood Blondes. As far as what the Beverly Bros. are doing now, I believe they're retired or working the indies every now and then.

Both were in WCW about 2 years before it closed down using they're real names, Wayne bloom and mike enos. they are pretty much retired now. the Beverly's had originally been in the awa as the destruction crew, then the awa shutdown and they joined wwe. enos started his career off as an awa referee.

Beverly Cleary

What was Beverly Cleary's inspiration for writing books?

Kids I'm 99.9 pecent sure

Beverly Cleary

What was Beverly cleary's mom name?

Mable Atlee Bunn.

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Beverly Cleary

How old is Beverly Cleary?

US author Beverly Cleary is 101 years old (birthdate: April 12, 1916).

Beverly Cleary

When did Beverly Cleary start writing?

She started writing in 1950.

Beverly Cleary

What awards has Beverly Cleary's book Fifteen won?

Awards for 'Fifteen'

* New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year * Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award (Vermont)

Beverly Cleary

What is Beverly Cleary's address now?

You can write to Beverly Cleary at:

Mrs. Beverly Cleary (Author)

c/o HarperCollins Children's Books

1350 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY 10019This information is from her website. See attached link.

Beverly Cleary

What is Beverly Cleary's favorite food?

She loves Chocolate cakes.

Beverly Cleary

Is Beverly Cleary's husband dead?

Yes Clarence T. Cleary (Beverly Cleary's husband) is dead. He died in 2004. He died of old age but I am not sure at what age. Beverly Cleary is still alive and is turning 94 in April 12,2010.

Beverly Cleary

Does Beverly Cleary have pets?


Beverly Cleary

What is Beverly Cleary's favorite color?

Beverly Cleary's favorite color is purple.

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Beverly Cleary

Is Beverly Cleary still alive today?

yes and she has a family to twins,a boy and a girl but they're all grown up now.

Beverly Cleary

What are facts about Beverly Cleary?

She didn't write "Ramona the Pest" until 10 years after "Beezus and Ramona" because Ramona would be in kindergarten and she never went to kindergarten, so she didn't know how to write it. Once her twins went to kindergarten, she learned about it and wrote "Ramona The Pest".
is Beverly clearys mom dead.
maiden name Beverly atlee bunn (94 years old)

Beverly Cleary

What is Beverly Cleary's best seller?

it is the book called, Ramona and Beezus!! i have to do this for school.


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