Christmas Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is a traditional Christmas activity. After the lights are on and the ornaments are hung, the gifts are placed underneath. Trees can be real or artificial, and are decorated in a variety of fashions. They can also be quite a challenge to keep upright if you have toddlers or cats.

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Christmas Trees

How tall does a Christmas tree grow?

A Christmas tree does not grow, it is as tall as it will ever be as it has been cut down and has no root system. Without roots it will soon die and dry out.

Pine and fir trees (the most commonly used types for Christmas trees) are capable of growing to several hundred feet, if not cut down.

Christmas Trees

When should you put up your Christmas tree?

Every family is different. Therefore, no specific day or schedule is set for when to decorate your tree. Some people will choose to go with family tradition, others choose a random day where they have everyone together, while others decorate the tree on Christmas Eve day. The only commonality is that most people wait until after Thanksgiving.

Here are suggestions and ideas from our users:

  • It depends on your family, country and your unique tradition. I like to put my tree up on the 1st day of December.
  • We put it up on December 6, because that is the day of Saint Nicholas "Santa Claus" because he died on that day. In our family it has an extra meaning because our great-grandfather, who immigrated from Italy to Brazil was born on that day 6 Dec 1871. His middle name Nicolo in honor of San Nicolo or Saint Nicholas.
  • After Thanksgiving, but before Christmas. I put mine up during the 2nd week of December and take it down the day after Xmas.
  • You put up your Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. This way you are celebrating for the birth of Jesus for a maximum period. You are preparing and showing respect and love for Him.
  • The day after Thanksgiving is when stores put up their displays and decorations so they can maximize their advertising for Christmas. You should put them up whenever you like.
  • Whenever you want to put your tree up. But I would say not before Thanksgiving. Or even wait until a few days into December before putting it up.
  • This one is really a preference, but I usually start the ritual of finding a tree in the first week of December. I like to wait until at least the month when Christmas actually occurs. All in all, it's completely what you prefer.
  • I don't know of any "traditional" date. I know that in my family, and in many of the homes in my community, Thanksgiving weekend is the traditional time to "deck the halls." However, every family is different. I have known people who don't decorate until the week of Christmas (especially if they use a live tree); and this year, a family down the street has just erected their holiday lawn display, and it's still 11 days until Thanksgiving!
  • My whole life my family have followed the tradition of 12 days before Christmas, putting the tree up on 13 December and taking the tree down 12 days after Christmas.
  • I have always put the tree up on December 13, much to the kids' dismay; this has always been our family tradition following the 12 days of Christmas.
  • I put it up a week before Christmas and a week after Christmas I take it down.
  • My family would always put their tree up the day after Thanksgiving. However, I decided that, since it is so painstaking, I am putting it up today November 10th so I can have more time to appreciate all the work I put into it. we will take it down during the week after Christmas.
  • Of course, you put it up and take it down as you like. But consider a little history. The period of time beginning with the 4th Sunday before Christmas is known as Advent, a somewhat penitential and solemn season, like unto if not quite as austere as Lent, the season before Easter. The real time of celebration historically began on December the 25th, the First Day of the Christmas Season. In keeping with this tradition up until about 60 years ago most families trimmed the tree as a Christmas Eve tradition. It was certainly that way for my parents and even my older brothers as children. The 12 Days of Christmas are a time of celebration that goes from Dec. 25 till January 5 (also known as "12th Night") when great parties would be held to close out the Christmas festivities prior to the celebration of Epiphany on January 6th (sometimes known as "little Christmas"). In keeping with this more ancient and festive tradition, we strive to put our tree up as close to Christmas as we can, and leave it up the full 12 days of the celebration, while most folks start stripping off their decorations on 12/26, when Christmas is just getting started. This is due to the fact that, since the latter half of the 20th century, commercialism has pushed Christmas into September, when the first inflatable Santa's appear in the aisles of Walmart. No wonder many people are sick of it and happy to move on by 12/26. It is a pity that the old ways are so easily lost and forgotten in the rush to "get stuff."
  • As an Aussie, I usually put my tree up over the first weekend of December, and take it down on New Year's Day.
  • At about 1 week before Christmas
Christmas Trees

German word for Christmas tree?

christmas tree = (der) Weihnachtsbaum

You could also say "(der) Tannenbaum", but that means "fir tree" literally.

Christmas Trees

Does Christmas tree have a capital c in it?


Christmas Trees

Why do Christmas trees have stars on the top?

It symbolises the star over Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

Christmas Trees

Were does the queen get her Christmas tree FROM?

the Queen gets her tree from Sandringham Gardens

Christmas Trees

Who wrote oh Christmas tree?

It is essentially an anonymous Germanic folk song with a yuletide- but not Christian bent. The Tree is seen as a durable, year-round living landmark. I never could quite get into this angle- but Christ or Christmas are not even alluded to in the lyrics- How Green are your sweet branches- or words to that effect- will not do! The custom- and song originated in Germany- and was introduced into Victorian England by Prince Albert. not everybody liked the idea. Charles Dickens of ( Christmas Carol) fame himself derided the Tannenbaum ( which means pine tree or fir tree) as a Pretty German Toy. so it is, it is also a potentially catastrophic fire hazard ( really lighting up the holidays- the next stop is a burn center!) and poses a number of other environmental hazards. Fire-prevention men used to advise having the tree, if natural, in a water- soaked drum- but that poses problems with the lighting circuits. all of this pre-assembly and trimming work, and the first of the year- or at the latest the Epiphany- a humungous trash problem. Do we really need Christmas Trees? Theodore Roosevelt - ardent conservationist- would not have one in the White House. He also opposed Religious mottos on coins- and sent Augustus St. Gaudens- back to the drawing board to trim off the angel wings he drew on the Columbia figure for the $20 Gold piece- shorn of the wings, it remains a stellar design ( l907-_ The Mexican 50 Peso does have the angel"s wings, however.

Christmas Trees

What is the average Christmas light on a Christmas tree?


Christmas Trees

What do lights on a Christmas tree stand for?

Brightens thing up on the tree


The lights on a Christmas tree represent the Light of Life coming into our darkened world. This is understood in several slightly different ways:

1. They represent Jesus Christ, called "the Light of the World," whose birth is celebrated at Christmas.

2. They represent the Light of God, which can be understood as Truth or as the Gospel of Salvation, or simply as light revealing the Way.

3. They represent the beauty of the stars in the dark winter sky, which in turn symbolize God's Creative power and presence.

Christmas Trees

When do Australians decorate their Christmas tree?

Depends on the family, a lot of people do it on December 1st, some people do it a week before Christmas

Christmas Trees

Where did the Christmas tree originate?

  • Evergreen trees were decorated in the 15th century. The first Christmas tree although not actually called that was decorated in Strasbourg, Germany. In Germany around the middle 1850's trees were brought inside and decorated for the Christmas celebration.
  • A beautifully decorated evergreen tree, with colored lights ablaze inspires in many warm memories of Christmases long past. The Christmas tree has become one of the most beloved and well known holiday symbols.
  • Christmas trees originated in the Germanic states around the 15th century. Evergreen trees, especially the Fir tree, being beautiful and green in the winter were commonly used for decorations. The triangular shape was suggestive of the Christian Trinity and the evergreen trees were used to symbolize the "Tree of Life."
  • Then later on Martin Luther used the Christmas Tree as a symbol for the Tree of Life instead of the nativity.
Christmas Trees

When was the earliest account of a Christmas tree?

In Britan it was first known to give a Christmas tree during the Victorian eara.

Christmas Trees

What does the green on a Christmas tree represent?


Christmas Trees

How do Russians Decorate there Christmas trees?

They cover there tree in empty bottles of Vodka.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Trees

What kind of Christmas tree does Romania have?

Hi, I'm Romanian.

Romania is mainly greek orthodox, so they have christmas trees just like in America: pine trees with ornaments. They put the gifts under the tree.

Christmas Trees

What holds the Christmas tree up?

a stand for christmas trees

Christmas Trees

What an evergreen to decorate?

A Christmas tree.

Christmas Trees

Why are trees decorated at Christmas?

The Christian tradition of decorating trees for Christmas, is a way of praising or honoring Christ and the Trinity.

Related Information:

The tradition of the Christmas tree is somewhat obscure, but it appears that it was a pagan tradition that was absorbed by the Christian Church. The Church often incorporated pagan traditions and symbols, imbuing them with Christian significance, as part of the process of conversion.

Before the arrival of Christianity, evergreen trees were idolized in ancient European cultures. Because they remained green when most other plant life had withered and died during the winter, those agricultural people thought that the tree contained the power of life and was connected to a god. They would decorate and venerate the tree in order to honor it and the associated god.

Christmas Trees

Does Spain have Christmas trees?

Yes, it is part of the Christian (Roman Catholic) heritage in Spain and many other countries.

Christmas Trees

What goes on a Christmas tree?


Christmas Trees

How do you get Christmas tree sap out of clothes?

try Coca Cola... or "Goof off"

Christmas Trees

What is Christmas tree garden?

Christmas Trees

Do australians decorate there Christmas tree?

yeah of couse they do hahahah

Christmas Trees

What is the scientific name of a Christmas tree?

When people buy real Christmas trees on Christmas, it's an evergreen. More specifically, it would be a conifer. Even more specifically, it could be a white fir, which is Abies concolor, but there are lots of others that are also used.

Christmas Trees

Where is Bin Weevils Christmas tree?

in the shopping mall


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