Easter Island

Easter Island is a Polynesian Island located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the majority of the the island is covered by a national park. Easter Island is well known for its stonework, including carvings, homes, and moai (the large carved heads found around the island).

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Easter Island

Why is Easter Island treeless?

There are various explanations and theories for the almost-entirely treeless state of Easter Island.

Climatic effects and deforestation and farming by humans are two explanations; the link below gives more information about Easter Island and its ecology.

Answer --> Originally, it is not treeless. It was shown by archaeologist that trees such as Paschalococos, Alphitonia zizyphoides and Eleaocarpus rarotongensis use to be abundant. But as local population grew (to estimated 15,000), overharvesting becomes a problem. This coupled with rat predation and climate change leads to the island being largely deforested.

Easter Island

Why does Chile own Easter Island?

Chile as a South American country in the continent's west, on the Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is located in the southeast section of the same ocean. Therefore, Chile is the closest country to Easter Island with a distance of 3510 km (2180 miles) between them. Due to this geographic relationship, and the fact that the Spanish were one of the first to 'discover' Easter Island, Chile annexed the island on September 9, 1888 by Policarpo Toro, by means of the "Annexation Treaty of the island" , that the government of Chile signed with the Rapa Nui people.

Easter Island

Does Easter island have a military?

Chilean naval vessels such as destroyers and subs, visit and patrol the island on maneuvers, as it is a Chilean colony of sorts.

Easter Island

Does Easter Island belong to melanesia micronesia or polynesia?

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) belongs to Polynesia.

Easter Island

What year was Easter Island found?

I presume you are asking when European explorers found the island and named it Easter Island. Dutch explorers "found" the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. It was named Easter Island by the Dutch navigator, Jacob Roggeveen because of the Christian holiday on which it was discovered by them.

Of course the ancestors of today's Easter Islanders found it long before that, about 700-800 CE according to many scientists.

Easter Island

Why is Easter Island Called Easter Island?

A Dutch explorer, Jacob Roggeveen, found it on Easter Sunday 1722.

Easter Island

Where does the Easter bunny live in Easter Island?

It does not live there, it comes from Alsace

Easter Island

Does the Easter bunny live on Easter Island?


Easter Island

What hole does the Easter bunny live in Easter Island?

No one knows what hole the Easter bunny lives in.

Easter Island

Does anyone live on Easter Island?

yes the population is 3,400. the statues were not natural formations


Easter Island

Where is Easter Island located on map?

Easter Island is located off the coast of the west side of South America, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Look it up on google maps to view Easter Island on the globe.

Easter Island

Who owns Easter Island?


Easter Island

Which country owns or possesses Easter Island?

Chile owns it.:)

Languages and Cultures
Easter Island

What languages are spoken in Easter Island?

The common languages of Easter Island are Spanish and Rapa Nui.

quite a bit of spanish some rapanui
The language of Easter Island is Spanish (Español)
Spanish is the main language. Some people still speak Rapa Nui, but that language is endangered.

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Rabbits and Hares
Easter Island

Is there such thing as the Easter Bunny?

There is no such thing as the Easter bunny. Parents / Guardians just tell you there is such thing to make the holidays brighten up and put a little more spirit into them :)

Remember once you stop believing, you'll also stop receiving.

Easter Island

Why are the statues of Easter Island important?

The statues are very important because many people believe that they are good omens.

Easter Island

Where is the Easter bunny's burrow in Easter Island?

in bunny-big hill

Easter Island

How do you go to Easter Island in bear ville 2012?

you go to town square and click the egg. or you can go on the map and click the button that says - and go down you will see easter island

Easter Island

Who were the first inhabitants on Easter Island?


Easter Island

What is the longutide and latitude of Easter Island?

Numbers vary by a few minutes from one source to the next mainly depending on what specific part of the island you are measuring from. These are the coordinates for Hanga Roa the capital of Easter Island a.k.a Rapa Nui and they are the official Latitude and Longitude:

27 degrees 05' South Latitude

109 degrees 20' West Longitude.

Easter Island

What are the Easter Island statues called?


South America
Easter Island

What country possesses Easter Island off the coast of South America?

The island's native name, Rapa Nui, is Polynesian. Easter Island was annexed from the Dutch by Chile in 1888. Care of Easter islands and its citizens is handled by the Chilean government.

Easter Island

Why is Easter called Easter?

The English name, "Easter", and the German, "Ostern", derive from the name of Germanic Goddess of the Dawn (thus, of spring, as the dawn of the year) - called aster, astre, and ostre, in various dialects of Old English. In England, the annual festive time in her honor was in the "Month of Easter", equivalent to April.

The Venerable Bede, an 8th Century English Christian monk wrote in Latin:

"Eosturmonath, qui nunc paschalis mensis interpretatur, quondam a dea illorum quae Eostre vocabatur et cui in illo festa celebrabant nomen habuit."

Which means: "Eastermonth, which is now interpreted as the paschal month, was formerly named after the goddess Eostre, and has given its name to the festival."

Easter Island

What is so amazing about Easter Island?

The Easter bunny lives there and weird statues and some have body’s under the ground

Easter Island

Does Easter island celebrate Easter?

Easter Island derived its name from Dutch explorers who first visited the island on Easter Sunday, 1722. From the 2002 census some 39 percent of the population of 3,971 are of European or Chilean descent. Based on that and the probability that some of these people are Christian, Easter is observed on Easter Island.


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