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Citizenship and Marriage
El Salvador

Does an illegal alien from El Salvador become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No, an alien or immigrant, legal or otherwise, does not become a citizen automatically upon marriage to a citizen. There is a process of applying, processing and (hopefully) eventual approval by the Federal government. First is Permanent Residency status ("Green card"). Then there's a wait of 3 years or more - depending on situation - for citizenship qualification. The website for the agency which handles this process is: USCIS.GOV

An illegal alien does not automatically become a citizen by marrying one. However, certain illegal aliens can get permanent residence status (often called the "green card") by marrying a US citizen. If the person originally entered the United States legally but overstayed his or her visa, than it is possible for him or her to "adjust status" to that of a permanent resident (i.e. get a "green card") if the US citizen fills out a series of petitions including one that proves that the US citizen can financially support the alien. If the alien entered illegally into the United States without any visa or permit, than that person cannot "adjust status" and has to leave the country before obtaining a green card. If the person was illegally in the country for more than a year, than he or she is barred from ever coming back for 10 years (known as the "10-year-bar") The only way to overcome having the 10-year-bar is by the US citizen spouse filing a petition for a waiver of the bar. The petition has to prove that it would cause extreme and exceptional hardship to him or her to move to his or her spouse's country. Only three years after the person has the green card can they apply for citizenship, and they must still be married to the original citizen who got the green card.

El Salvador

How can you find someone in El Salvador?

I hope you have charming social skills and make large groups of friends very easily, because in third world countries there is so much poverty there isn't enough money to place people in a system, sometimes, in some places there is no "system" period. To find someone in a place like El Salvador you need to socially network, make a lot of friends who in turn will ask their friends and so on until something pops up. As a general rule most people "in the know" however tend to be dangerous, its part of the reason why organizations such as the CIA or Mossad, when they do a manhunt in a third world country the people they send tend to be trained killers, someone less likely to get themselves killed while conducting an investigation.

Latin America
El Salvador

Why is El Salvadaor called El Salvador?

El Salvador means the savior. So when the Spanish conquered this area of land they dedicated it to Christ the savior.

Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species
Animal Life
El Salvador

What animals are in El Salvador?

There are many different species of animals there. Some of them include Ocelots, which are a medium-sized wildcat, Jaguar, Gray Fox, Northern Raccoon, Long tailed weasel, and many more carnivores. There are also many water animals like Fraser's Dolphin, Pygmy Killer Whale, and Rough toothed Dolphin. There is also a long list of Bats including Mexican Funnel-Eared Bat, Cave Myotis, Northern Ghost Bat, and Proboscis Bat.

El Salvador

Are North Face Jackets made in El Salvador?

Pederobba, Italy

El Salvador

What is the capital of El Salvador?

The capital and largest city in El Salvador is San Salvador.

El Salvador
Drunk Driving (DWI or DUI)

What is the penalty for drunk driving in El Salvador?

Firing squad at least that's what I heard.

Languages and Cultures
El Salvador
Spanish Language and Culture

What languages are spoken in El Salvador?

The 1 official language of El Salvador is Spanish, spoken by more than 95% of the population.

Here is a list of all local languages in El Salvador:

  1. Cacaopera
  2. Qeqchí
  3. Lenca
  4. Nahuatl (Pipil)
  5. Salvadoran Sign Language
  6. Spanish
El Salvador
Borders and Boundaries

How many miles from us border to El Salvador border?

about 933 miles by the shortest possible route aka as the crow flies

between the closest possible points


as most people might travel it on the major roads

probably not less than 1460 miles

El Salvador

Cuantos habitantes tiene El Salvador?

el salvador auctual mente tiene 6,7 millones de abitantes mas serca de 2 millones en el extranjero con 1,5 millones de hellos en los estados unidos.

El Salvador

How old do you have to be to vote in El Salvador?

Suffrage universal at 18 years of age. :)

Countries, States, and Cities
El Salvador

What could someone hear in El Salvador?

Sound waves.

El Salvador

Who are some famous singers from el salvador?

Allison Iraheta is one of the most famous people in El Salvador. she came out on season 4 of American Idol and won 4th place.

El Salvador

What is the most common job in El Salvador?

being in a really cool gang that wears the sunglasses on their top lip.

El Salvador

What does El Salvador do during Christmas?

Celebrate and go to Churches

El Salvador

What channel is going to play Honduras vs el salvador in 2012?

tvc honduras

El Salvador

What are popular sports in el salvador?

not sure

El Salvador

What are some special traditions in El Salvador?

some traditions in el salvador are the pupusas and the beans that they use on the pupusas so who ever reads this is truly salvi putos

Central America
El Salvador

How was the US involved in el salvador?

During the presidency of Ronald Reagan, the US provided weapons and training to the Salvadoran army to defeat the guerrillas

Spanish to English
El Salvador

What does el salvador mean in English?

It means 'the saviour.' To Catholic Spaniards there is only one who merits the title of 'el salvador': Jesus of Nazareth.

El Salvador

A que continente pertenece el salvador?

Central America.

El Salvador

How many years to kids go to school in El Salvador?

try 3-4 years...

Travel & Places
El Salvador

What is the literal meaning of el salvador?

El Salvador - The Saviour.

El Salvador

What terrain is on El Salvador?

From lush coastal plains to volcanic mountains.

El Salvador

Why do people like to go to El Salvador?

Why? I don't know... you should tell me:)


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