The FAFSA (aka Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is a form that prospective or current undergraduate and graduate college students can fill out to determine their eligibility for various types of student financial aid including grants, Federal student loans as well as Federal work study. Questions about the FAFSA can be found here.

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How can a FAFSA be used to purchase a laptop?

If your School sells laptops in their bookstore you can use your FAFSA money to buy one outright and they will just take the money out of your account. If your school bookstore does not sell them, then you have to wait and see if you have any money left over after paying for tuition and books etc. then the unused portion gets send to you in a check that you can use for anything you would like.

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Does anyone offer grants for graduate school students?

Yes. There are grants for Graduate Students. You should consult your college advisor or professor because they can offer some sources of these grants. Often times in Graduate school professors are conducting research and they have already been awarded grant money. They may be able to employ you or you can get a job with the university and they will offer you reduced fees to attend classes. You should check to see if you university has a GGC-Graduate Grants Committee.

You may also be able to obtain graduate grants from private organizations and corporations that support students' research projects in specialist areas of study. Minority foundations and organizations are another popular source for graduate grants and fellowships for graduate students from ethnic populations, for example; the American Indian Graduate Center provides grants to and scholarships for American Indians and Alaskans pursuing graduate degrees.

For a start you check the site below for grants

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Types of bank deposit?

1. Savings account - These are the simplest of deposits. You deposit money into your account and you can withdraw it anytime. There would be a small limitation on the number of times you can withdraw money from your account. The money in SB accounts earn an interest of around 3.5% per year 2. Current account - These are similar to Savings accounts with two small differences. One is, the money in a current account does not earn interest and two is, you can withdraw any number of times. This account is for business people who would have high number of transactions in one single day. 3. Fixed Deposit - This is a deposit product where you deposit a certain sum of money with the bank for a specific duration of time. As per the deposit agreement you are expected to let the money be with the bank based on the deposit tenure. Hence the interest offered on such deposits is higher than normal deposits. Also you will attract a penalty charge for pre-closing such deposits 4. Recurring Deposits - These are similar to fixed deposits with a differenc e being, you deposit a small amount of money every month into this account for a specified duration of time and the bank would compound the interest every month and pay you in lump at the end of the tenure.


What does the acronym FAFSA stand for?

FAFSA stands for The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is the most important form you must complete in order to qualify for almost all types of financial aid.

Your FAFSA information is used to determine what aid you may qualify for, including grants, need-based scholarships as well as federal student loans.


What does an efc of 00000 mean on the FAFSA?

You'll get the Pell Grant and also Work-Study Programs and Loans. The Pell Grant can be up to $5,500 for the entire year.


What is EFC mean on the FAFSA forms?

== == According to the FAFSA FAQ: The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) measures your family's financial strength and is used to determine your eligibility for federal student aid during one school year. Your EFC will be displayed on your Student Aid Report (SAR) after your FAFSA is processed. The information you reported on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to calculate your EFC. The school uses the EFC to determine your federal student aid eligibility and financial aid award. Your EFC is not the amount of money your family will have to pay for college nor is it the amount of federal student aid you will receive. It is a number used by your school to calculate the amount of federal student aid you are eligible to receive. For more information, you can visit the financial aid office at your school or look at Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid at studentaid.ed.gov/students/publications/student_guide/index.html. Or, you can request a free copy of Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center. Refer to the Customer Service page for contact and assistance information.

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Can i return a cashiers check i made out to the payee back to my bank for a refund?

Yes, bring the check back to your bank.


Does disabilty income count as income on fafsa for student aid?

Disability counts as "untaxed income" and should be reported on question 93i of the form.


What is FAFSA?

What is FAFSA? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a document that is submitted annually by current and future college students who live in the United States. This document is used to help determine their eligibility for student financial aid. Available to both graduate and undergraduate college students, a FAFSA form is needed to apply for work study programs and Pell grants. FAFSA is a gateway to the nine federal aid programs for college students, and there are more than six hundred state and institutional aid programs that they can take advantage of.

Students who are considering a FAFSA should submit their completed application to the United States Department of Education each year in January for the approaching academic year. State, federal, and institutional aid is generally provided as a first come, first served program. There is an eighteen month waiting period for each student application, those who would like to be considered for the maximum amount of financial assistance should submit their FAFSA as soon as possible. Students who have previously applied can submit a new FAFSA with updated information for the coming year.

The questions listed on the FAFSA are related to the dependency, assets, and income of college students and their families. Some determining factors include the size of the household, assets, and how many students in the home are attending college. FAFSA questions are used to establish financial eligibility, there are no references to ethnicity, sexual preference, race, religion, or disabilities.

Nearly all students can receive some type of financial assistance, there are unsubsidized loans available regardless of their circumstances or income. Before submitting a FAFSA, each student must have a legal Social Security number, and must be a citizen of the United States, or an eligible non-citizen. Other requirements include a high school diploma or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED), and no criminal record for the possession or sale of illegal drugs while receiving federal aid.

Male college students between the ages of eighteen and twenty five must be registered with the United States Selective Service, and applicants can not be default in student loans, or owe refunds on federal grants. Federal aid can only be used for educational purposes.

University of Phoenix

Does the University of Phoenix accept FAFSA?



What is the phone number for BAC home loans servicing Plano TX?

BAC Home Loan Servicing LP, Just call these #s and you will get most of the answers.

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Why should you be awarded the scholarship?

i should be awarded this scholarship because i am very good in school and a well rounded person who works to her best ability. i always give everything my all. i am determined to pursue further post-secondary education and suceed my goal successfull.


Do you pay back FAFSA?

1) FAFSA is a free service offered by the U.S. Government. You do not have to pay a fee for using this service. Only processing service websites such as FAFSA.com will require payment for helping you. Is is not the same as FAFSA.gov so be careful.

2) FAFSA will inform the college or university if you qualify for financial aid. If you are approved you can receive a grant (which is not repaid) or a loan, which must be paid back unless you qualify for exemptions. If you are approved you can also receive need-based scholarships, which do not need to be paid back.

Each college or university should have a financial aid department where you can get factual, easy to understand information.

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Can felons get pell grants?

== == means you are not eligible for federal student aid for this school year unless you complete an acceptable drug rehabilitation program or pass two unannounced drug tests administered by an acceptable drug rehabilitation program. Even if you are not eligible for federal student aid, you may still be eligible for aid from your state or college. Answer-You can get get a loan even if it was drug related. The requirement is that you complete some sort of residential drug abuse program. If you do, you are exempt from answering yes to the question "have you ever been convicted of a drug offense". So, make sure you enroll yourself in some sort of drug program and your fine.

Here is a link to the work sheet: http://www.ifap.ed.gov/eannouncements/attachments/122208DrugWkshtEnglish0910.pdf

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Do you have to pay money back?

Ethically: If you borrow, you should repay.


What does it mean if your EFC number is 0 on your FAFSA?

EFC stands for "Expected Family Contribution". Receiving a zero mean that based on the information that you provided while filling out your FAFSA, the government does not think that your family will be able to help you out with paying for your education. This allows you to be in the running for many grant, scholarships, and financial aid from your school.

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Do you get an refund check back from FAFSA?

You get the refund from your school if there is a remaning balance once all your fees have bene paid off. Mnay school's work with a company called Higher-One that distributes the refund's. (paper check/debit card/bank transfer.)


What does 0000 EFC mean on your FAFSA?

EFC stands for expected family contribution. Having an EFC of 0 just means that your family is expected to contribute $0 towards your education. It means you'll get more aid.


What does fafsa stands for?

Free Application for Federal Student Aid


What does it mean if your efc number is 00000 on your fafsa?

It means that your college will be paid for like 95% or maybe even 100%


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