Footloose (movie)

Footloose is a 1984 dance movie starring Kevin Bacon. Dancing has been banned in his small town. He rebels and causes a stir in the community. The movie was remade in 2011 using the same basic plot.

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Footloose (movie)

Who is the choreographer of footloose?

Herbert Ross who is also the director

Footloose (movie)

Who are the characters of footloose?

Ren McCormack: A boy who moved from Chicago to the town of Bomont

Ethel McCormack: His mother

Reverend Shaw Moore: The minister of the town

Vi Moore: His wife

Ariel: Their daughter, falls for Ren

Lulu Warnicker: Ren's aunt

Wes Warnicker: Ren's uncle

Coach Roger Dunbar: A gym teacher

Eleanor Dunbar: His wife

Rusty: Ariel's best friend

Urleen: Ariel's friend

Wendy Jo: Ariel's friend

Chuck Cranston: Ariel's boyfriend, a bad boy

Lyle and Travis: Chuck's buddies

Betty Blast: Owner of a burger shop

Willard Hewitt: Ren's friend in Bomont, country boy

Principle Harry Clarke: High School principle

Jeter, Bickle, and Garvin: Ren's buddies

Irene: Lead singer of her band The Country Kickers

Cowboys 1 and 2: cowboys in a country dance hall

A cop

Chorus and extras.

Note these aren't all in primary order.

Footloose (movie)

What year did the song footloose come out?


Footloose (movie)

When will new footloose come out to theatres?

Footloose was released on October 14, 2011.

Footloose (movie)

Who sang footloose?

Kenny Loggins

Footloose (movie)

When does footloose 2011 come out?

October 14, 2011. Usually posts the release date on the film's webpage.

Footloose (movie)

How old was Kevin Bacon in footloose?

He was around 25 years old according to a Google search.

Footloose (movie)

When is the new movie footloose coming out in DVD?

March 31

Footloose (movie)

What is the song playing in the new 2011 footloose commercial?

Sour Cherry by The Kills

Footloose (movie)

When and where are the auditions for footloose the remake?

They haven't announced them yet.

Footloose (movie)

Did Kevin Bacon do his own dancing in footloose?

Not all of it, for the really hard steps a pro dancer named Peter Tramm filled in.

Footloose (movie)

Did they already cast footloose the remake?

I've only heard that Zac Efron is gonna be Ren McCormick otherwise i don't think so.

Footloose (movie)

When is footloose 2011 coming out on DVD?

Feb. 2012

Footloose (movie)

Why isn't Footloose on iTunes?

Probably because it isn't a real song name or they didn't think about that song...

Just checked and there are 5 versions of Footloose available on iTunes. Are you looking for the correct artist, it was sung by Kenny Loggins.

Footloose (movie)

When was the song footloose made?

"Footloose" is the title of a song co-written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. It was released in January 1984 as the first of two single by Loggins from the 1984 film of the same name. The song spent three weeks at number one, March 31-April 14, 1984 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and was the first of two number-one hits from the motion picture, Footloose. The song was very well received, and is one of the most recognizable songs recorded by Loggins. When the American Film Institute released its AFI's 100 Years…100 Songs, "Footloose" reached the 96th position. The song was covered by country music artist Blake Shelton for the 2011 remake of the 1984 film.

Footloose (movie)

Did Kevin Bacon do the gymnastics in footloose?

In the original movie Footloose (1984), Kevin Bacon did very little of the dancing and none of the gymnastics.

A gymnast named Michael Telmont did the majority of the impressive moves.

Footloose (movie)

What is the song in the 2011 footloose trailer?

The song is "Sour Cherry" by the Kills.

It has a great beat.

This song is awesome.

Footloose (movie)

Who provides romantic interest for Kevin Bacon in Footloose?

lori singer

Footloose (movie)

What are the recorder notes for footloose?

no idea man

Footloose (movie)

What year was the movie Footloose in theatres?

With Kevin Bacon, Lori Singer, and John Lithgow.

Footloose (movie)

Does Ariel Moore in footloose have an accent?

The answer is yes and no. If a director requires her to have an accent, then yes, I would practice it. But usually, she doesn't.

Footloose (movie)

Where was the movie Footloose supposed to take place?

Small town , middle America

Footloose (movie)

Who is in the cast of the new footloose movie?


Footloose (movie)

Who starred in Footloose?

Kevin Bacon was the lead character in the original Footloose movie. Kenny Wormald played the lead in the 2011 remake.

Footloose (movie)

What song did Kevin Bacon dance to in footloose?

The song is called Never it's on the Footloose soundtrack and its by Moving Pictures. I was looking for it too :)


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