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Garth Brooks is a country music singer-songwriter. He has one of the most successful music careers in modern history, sales of his albums rank him in the top 3 of all time. He has two Grammy Awards, 16 AMA Awards, 11 CMA Awards, 18 ACM Awards, five World Music Awards and many more. All questions concerning Garth Brooks can be found here.

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Is Garth Brooks ex wife sandy still alive?

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how is sandy brooks garth ex wife doing as of today 10/24/2013

Are Garth brooks and trisha yearwood divorcing?

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no they are not divorced...still married

What superstar's concert was Garth Brooks a bouncer for?

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Garth was a bouncer for Tumbleweeds, a bar while in college at OSU. his is also where he met his first wife, Sandy in the ladies room after shed gotten into a brawl with another female, putting her hand straight through a bathroom stall door.

Does Garth brooks smoke?

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no Garth dont smoke

What name did Garth Brooks use before he was Garth Brooks?

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He was born, Troyal Garth Brooks (see but at after he became famous as Garth Brooks he did make an album under the name Chris Gaines. There was supposed to be a movie about a rock star named Chris Gaines, and Garth wanted to try his hand at rock, so he assumed this alter-ego of Chris Gaines. As it turns out, the movie was never made, but the album was and did pretty well, but many people were confused as to why Garth felt the need to have an alter ego.

How many albums has Garth brooks sold?

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He made 9 official studio albums:

1. Garth Brooks - 1989

2. No Fences - 1990

3. Ropin' The Wind - 1991

4. The Chase - 1992

5. In Pieces - 1993

6. Fresh Horses - 1995

7. Sevens - 1997

8. In The Life Of Chris Gaines - 1999

9. Scarecrow - 2001

He also had compilations:

1. The Hits - 1994

2. Double Live - 1998

3. The Lost Sessions - 2005

4. The Ultimate Hits - 2007

Then he also has two Christmas albums:

1. Beyond The Season - 1992

2. Garth Brooks And The Magic Of Christmas - 1999

Can you send a letter directly to Garth Brooks?

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Dear Garth Brooks,

Hi my name is Teresa , everyone calls me Lynnie. I'm original from Ohio, moved to Sacramento, California.

The reason I'm writing is to ask for your fave in helping me repay back to my boyfriend, Juan. We are your fans. I want to Thanks Juan for surprise me to your concert in Las Vegas 2 yrs ago.

We were the only deaf couple along with the ASL Interpreter at your concert.

I'm planning a surprise 50th Birthday Party for Juan. His actual birthday is December 26th, but want to throw him off by unexpecting plan. It would means a lot to him to see you in present

at the party on Nov. 10th. I will understand if you can't make it on that day. Maybe having your personal item with your signature will do if that is not a problem.

Any suggestion please let me know, Many Thanks!

Sincerely Your Fan,

Lynnie Newman

Phone: 916-596-1743


Please Mail address to:

Lynn Carpenter

P.O. Box 2165

South Portland, ME 04116

My Home address: 3300 Corbin way

Sacramento, CA 95827

Why doesn't Garth Brooks daughters live with their mother?

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Their Mother died of cancer.

Does Garth Brooks kids live with their mother?

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Garth Brooks and Sandy were married 14 years and produced three children. The children live with their mother who lives just down the street from Garth and Trisha.

What is the theme to Garth Brooks standing outside the fire?

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We call them cool

Those hearts that have no scars to show

The ones that never do let go

And risk it the tables being turned

We call them fools

Who have to dance within the flame

Who chance the sorrow and the shame

That always come with getting burned

But you got to be tough when consumed by desire

'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire

We call them strong

Those who can face this world alone

Who seem to get by on their own

Those who will never take the fall

We call them weak

Who are unable to resist

The slightest chance love might exist

And for that forsake it all

They're so hell bent on giving, walking a wire

Convinced it's not living if you stand outside the fire


Standing outside the fire

Standing outside the fire

Life is not tried it is merely survived

If you're standing outside the fire

There's this love that is burning

Deep in my soul

Constantly yearning to get out of control

Wanting to fly hiher and higher

I can't abide standing outside the fire

Repeat Chorus(twice)

What is Dolly Parton's wealth?

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Dolly Parton's wealth, counting own amusement park Dollywood, recording company, cosmetic- and hair company (she is believed to be the largest emloyer in the state of Tennessee), copyrigths and royalties made it in excess of 500 mill. $. She is estimated the 5th most wealthiest female entertainer ever (after Oprah, A.M. Taylor, B. Streisand and Madonna).

Is Garth Brooks gay?

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Garth Brooks is NOT gay. It is just a rumour.

Is Garth Brooks building a home in Mountain Home AR?

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Yes in Goodlettsville

What is Garth Brooks birthplace in Oklahoma?

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Troyal Garth Brooks, was born on February 7, 1962, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When was The River - Garth Brooks song - created?

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Wild Horses - Garth Brooks song - was created on 2000-11-20.

What video by Garth Brooks was banned?

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the thunder rolls

Meaning of the river by Garth brooks?

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To me the song says for us to enjoy life,don't be afraid to step outside of you're comfort zone, because before you know it time is gone, you cant get it back. Simple song but philosophically deep.

What was Garth Brooks first hit?

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Um...........I think its Tim Magrawn

Who was the fiddle player for Garth Brooks?

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Taylor Swift has had two fiddle players. Originally, she was accompanied by Emily Poe, but in more recent years, her fiddle player has been Caitlin Evanson, who has enjoyed a successful career, independent of association with Taylor Swift.

Are Garth Brooks and Trish Yearwood split up?

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No as far as I know she is Sybill married to garth brooks

Where can I get a Video of Garth Brooks singing Vincent?

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Garth Brooks is an American country music performer. One can find Garth Brooks video footage online at a number of sites including Jukebox, MySpace and Dailymotion.