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Grand Theft Auto III was first released in October 2001. The game is set in fictional Liberty City. Ask questions about game tactics in this category

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How do you recruit gang members in Grand Theft Auto 3 for PC?

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For CJ to recruit a gang member (PS2): press the directional pad up, at the same time you are targeting that member (as if CJ was going to aim a gun). Depending on the respect level that CJ has, he can recruit up to 7 members of his gang at a time. To transport the homies around, CJ obviously needs to find a vehicle to accommodate them all. So if he was lucky enough to have 7 guys, he would need something like a bus, whereas a car would take say 2, 3 or 4 homies.

Pressing the directional pad up, will see the recruits follow CJ. Pressing the directional pad down, will see them stay where they are until further notice. To dismiss the recruits, press the directional pad down for a couple of seconds, or just let CJ walk away from them.

Respect Levels and Number of Recruits Possible:

Above 1% = 2

Above 10% = 3

Above 20% = 4

Above 40% = 5

Above 60% = 6

Above 80% = 7

Is there a cheat code to skip level in grand theft auto 3?

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There are no codes to do that.You can download the save games.

When does the bridge get fixed in grand theft auto 3?

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You can open the bridges up when you do 30 missions.The second island opens up after the mission snowstorm.You spen quite some time in Broker and Bohan.

How do you get to the ghost town in Grand Theft Auto 3?

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u can mod for PC ps2 xbox ps3


How many missions does grand theft auto 3 have?

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There are 94 missions in the main story, plus a bunch of optional side missions (vigilante missions, package deliveries, finding cars, etc.).

How do you shoot a helicopter on grand theft auto 3?

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If you have a rocket launcher available in the game, usually a one-hit will down any helicopter in the game. However, if all you have are firearms, but if you're within range, just aim for the pilot and shoot him - that usually works. However, it will not guarantee any recovery of said vehicle as it will end up in a unflyable state (ruined blades, the helicopter catches on fire and explodes, or plunges into the water, never to return).

Disclaimer: This answer is regarding only as gameplay tips, and please think before doing something you will regret later. Like as the game says, I do not condone replicating into the real world anything mentioned in this answer or any conduct you do within the game in question.

What are the Car Cheats in gta 3?

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There are many cheats for Grand Theft Auto III.

Cheats for PC:

boooooring - speed up game play

gesundheit - full health

ifiwerearichman - more money

ilikedressingup - change clothes

ilikescotland - cloudy weather

ilovescotland - rain

itsallgoingmaad - crazy pedstrians

madweather - speedy game clock

morepoliceplease - level up

nastylimbscheat - more violence/gore

nobodylikesme - pedestrians attack

nopoliceplease - level down

peasoup - fog

skincancerforme - sunny weather

timeflieswhenyou - speed up game

tortoise - armor

What is the last mission of Grand Theft Auto 3?

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The Exchange Claude kills Catalina

Grand theft auto 3 how to unlock the tunnel in shoreside vale?

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What one?

if you mean the one near cedar grove its locked forever, on gta LCS the tunnel is open but it only goes around 2 parts of the back of the city but there is another tunnel in side that tunnel with a sign syin upstate but its blocked off, there is no ghost town on LCS some people belive that it leads to carser city but that's another story

Can you swim in gta3?

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yes there is swimming cheat in gta3.that is swim tom.

Where do you take the securicars in gta III to get them cracked?

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If you are fortunate enough to find a Securicar and wish to make a quick $20,000, here are the directions for the safe crackers.

Take the first road past the one that leads to the hospital (heading up the hill, not down). Go down this road. Take your second left turn, and you should arrive at the Portland Harbor docks. Continue straight down the dock until you find garages. Take the Securicar to the 2nd garage in the row. The door will open, and when you leave the car in there, you will receive $20k.

In Grand Theft Auto 3 can you have a girlfriend?

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You can't get a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto 3 but in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas you can.


You can have 3 altogether I think in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

How much memory does Grand Theft Auto use?

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Installed size of the Steam version is 1.52 GB.

How do you find the bus in gta 3?

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To get a bus in True Crime street of LA, first drive down to the beach. Wait for a metro bus along the beach where the concrete ends.

How do you reverse the riot cheat in gta 3?

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There is no way to revert the riot cheat. Once you entered the code, it will stay for the whole rest of the game. The only way is to make sure to have backup save-files prior to you entering the code, so that you can go back to how it was before by loading the save files.

What is infinite ammo cheat on Grand Theft Auto 3 PC?

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Yes, however this is only available for the PlayStation Portable.

For other consoles you will be required to input the weapons cheat code to gain more ammo if you run out.


What is the cheat to become ghost rider in grand theft auto in PlayStation 3?

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Answer this question...the cheat code for becoming ghostrider on gta 4 for ps3

How do you be Goku in gta 3?

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mods for gta3 PC. it is not accesible in the xbox and PC version, sorry.

How do you buy houses in Grand Theft Auto 3?

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You can not buy a car.You will have to still one,if you want to get the fastesst car get a cheat code from


you can buy cars. you need to go to the big boat in the San Fiero Bay and after you start collecting cars for export, walk over to the blackboard and on certain days you can buy certain cars. You can even buy a Monster truck for around 30k i think (don't quote me). But this is only available after you have collected a few cars.

Yep that's correct. Here is the list of cars you have to import so you can buy them:

Patriot $40.000

Sanchez $10.000

Stretch $40.000

Feltzer $35.000

Remington $30.000

Buffalo $35.000

Sentinel $35.000

Infernus $95.000

Camper $26.000

Admiral $35.000

Slamvan $19.000

Blista Compact $35.000

Stafford $35.000

Sabre $19.000

FCR-900 $10.000

Cheetah $105.000

Rancher $40.000

Stallion $19.000

Tanker $35.000

Comet $35.000

Blade $19.000

Freeway $10.000

Mesa $25.000

ZR-350 $45.000

Euros $35.000

Banshee $45.000

Super GT $105.000

Journey $22.000

Huntley $40.000

BF Injection $15.000

Do Grand Theft Auto Vice City cheasts work on Grand Theft Auto 3?

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Yes the cheats do work in the game Vice City.You need to type the cheat without spaces in between.

You can type bigbang to blast cars. Use panzer for tank.

What are cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2?

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you can find it on but where can i get a product code for cs 1.6
go to

How can you drive a boat in Grand Theft Auto 3?

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This is one of the most common question in the category. And the answer remains the same. There is NO way to drive a car in the water in GTA III. You will not be in control of the car as soon as you enter the water. You could, however, 'drive' a Rhino tank in the water for a short amount of time by aiming the turret in the opposite direction to that you wish to go and fire it. This will give you some momentum forward and you will thus 'drive' in the water. However, the steady HP-drain of the water means your life is ended within seconds, unless you use the cheat code 'gesundheit' to constantly refresh your hp to 100. As a finishing note, there is no point whatsoever to try and do this, other than for the sake of doing it. It is not something to be reccomended, as it is stressful and time-consuming and accomplishes nothing.

Is there GTA3 on ds?

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Yes, R* announced that it will be called GTA: Chinatown Wars and released in end of 2008. hahaha