A harp is a multi-stringed musical instrument. The harp is believed to date back to 3500 BC. It was originally from the Mesopotamia area.

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Why is a piano louder than a harp?

A piano has a much larger soundboard.

A piano strikes the strings with hammers, while harp strings are plucked by fingers.

Piano strings are wires, heavier and under higher tension than harp strings.


Which is bigger a harp or a double bass?

The grade 3 class at McLurg School in Regina SK thinks that the harp is bigger than the double bass :)


How many pedals does a concert harp have?

There are seven pedals.

Each pedal has three positions.


How many strings does a harp instrument have?

The Full-size Grand Concert Harps (the kind used in an orchestra) has 47 strings, Concert harps with 46 strings are called "Semi-Grand" An "octave" of strings in Harpist terminology is seven strings running from F in the bass to E in the treble. The octave numbering system used by pedal harpists starts with Octave 7 note C. The octave number gets lower as the each E is passed, ending at zero octave G. There are also pedal harps with fewer strings, usually 44 (from low D to high E). These are either antique instruments, or intended for students.

Other types of harps, such as traditional folk harps or historical instruments, can have

any number of strings within a fairly large range, from small Celtic lap harps or Medieval harps with hardly over a dozen strings, to large chromatic triple harps with a number of strings in the nineties.
there is 47

Well yes and no. It depends on what type of harp it is.

-the lap harp has 19 strings

-lever can have 19-38

-then pedal harps have 40-47 strings


Why is the sound of a harp soft in comparison to a piano?

It is plucked not hammered like a piano


Is the harp part of the percussion instruments?

There are different methods for classifying musical instruments and they do not agree with each other. Some would say that the harp is a percussion instrument as the strings are plucked percussively.


How many strings does a harp guitar have?

About 20 strings I think but I have seen 39.

"For his recording debut on harp guitar, Alex de Grassi chose probably the most radical instrument featured here (a 39-string Harp-Sympitar built by Fred Carlson) for a beautiful variation on Greensleeves."

Harp guitars are guitars to which extra strings have been added which are never fretted but may be plucked or strummed. These strings are therefore played in a manner somewhat similar to those of the harp, while those of the principal neck are played as a guitar, hence the name.


What instrument family does the harp belong to?

The harp is a unique member of the stringed instrument family. Like other members of the string family, the harp's sound is produced by vibrating strings stretched between parts of a wooden frame or box. On a harp, the strings' vibrations are produced by being plucked by hand, while seven pedals at the bottom of the harp adjust the length of the strings to produce more notes.


How is does a harp work?

A harp is basically a frame with many strings attached from top to bottom. The strings are arranged like the keys on the keyboard - CDEFGABC. When a player plays the harp, all he/she needs to do is pluck strings, as each string produces a different note. If sharps or flats are needed, then the harp either has levers (which sharpen each note by a semiquaver, giving you a sharp note) or pedals (which you adjust with your feet to flatten or sharpen each note). Yup, that's about it!


What clef does a harp play in?

Small harps (less than 26 strings) only have to read treble (G) clef.

Larger lever harps (27 to 38 strings) and pedal harps (40 to 48 strings) read the grand staff, just like a piano. Concert pedal harps have a range of six and a half octaves.


Why does the harp sound the way it does?

Because your suppose to fill relaxed


Is the harp part of the guitar family?

Yes it is a part of the string section but it has a slight difference


A bass fiddle is louder than a harp because why?

I'm not sure but I do know it's NOT because of a lower pitch


Is a harp a percussion instrument?

No, a harp is a strings instrument

A string instrument (or stringed instrument) is a musical instrument that produces sound by means of vibrating strings. In the Hornbostel-Sachs scheme of musical instrument classification, used in organology, they are called chordophones. The most common string instruments in the string family are guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, banjo, mandolin,ukulele, and harp. A percussion instrument is usually struck with a stick, a hammer, or even the hand as examples.


How many strings does harp have?

46-47 strings


How is the harpsichord related to the harp?

They are related, but not that strongly. Apart from the obvious 'harp' connection in their names, they are each stringed instruments containing soundboards. Another relationship is that the strings of a harp and the strings of the harpsichord are plucked in order to produce sound. The timbres of the two instruments are quite different for a variety of reasons. Each harpsichord key regulates one or more jacks, structures made of wood, metal or plastic depending on when the harpsichord was built/reconstructed. Each jack has a 'plectrum', a length of quill, plastic or other material, that rests under the string when the note is not being played. Depress a key and the jack, along with its plectrum, move up and the string is plucked. Release the key and the plectrum slides back under the string and the string is dampered. The sound is very bright with prominant harmonics. There are various ways to 'stop' or 'buffer' the strings so that the sound more resembles a lute. Harp strings can be 'stopped' in similar ways. But the harpsichord sound does not readily change in volume. However fast or slow you press a key, the energy imparted by the bending plectrum is all that there is. On the other hand, a harpist can vary volume tremendously because the strings are plucked with the fingers.


How tall is a harp?

The largest concert pedal harps are about 75 inches (190 cm) tall.

Large lever harps are about 60 inches (150 cm) tall.

Small harps go down to about 30 inches (76 cm).


How did the Jew's Harp get its name?

It's a corruption of jaw harp, which is what some people still call it.


Why is the sound from a piano louder than the harp?

There is more tension in the strings of a piano than in the strings of a harp. As such, the strings of a piano can be struck with more force than the strings of a harp, creating a louder sound.


What is a harp used for?

playing music or masturbating vigorously into a cup


What do the colours on the strings of a harp mean?

Harp strings are color coded so that the player can identify what strings to pluck. The C strings are red and the F strings are black, arranged in octaves like a piano.


How many strings does a 7 pedal harp have?

Pedal harps generally have from 40 to 48 strings. 47 strings is the standard.


Is the harp Irish?

Actually the answer is both yes and no. The Irish harp is obviously Irish, but the Italians had a harp that is now called the Welsh harp. King David of the Bible had a harp and he was Jewish. Harp has been around for ages, it has come from many different locations, it does not belong to any one group. The most common form is the Irish harp, but that does not mean it is solely from Ireland.



How do you build a harp?

Try this link: http://www.harpmaker.net/projectc.htm

I have been researching the same thing. It gives good step by step pictures to begin sorting things out.


What vibrates in a harp?

the string vibrates to make th sound


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