Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone in both plants and animals. Melatonin has a wide variety of uses, but is often sold over the counter as a sleep aid supplement.

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Benadryl (diphenhydramine)

Is safe to take a 3mg melatonin pill after taking two benadryl?

From experience you will just sleep. Take before bed and make sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep, and eat something with it or you will wake up with a tummy ache


Can you take melatonin while on antibiotics?

Ask you Doc or pharmacist. I wouldn't , as many anti-biotics make people drowsy by themselves.


Can you snort melatonin?


melatonin works best when you take it with a meal and wait half an hour ^^

Drug Tests

Can melatonin cause you to test positive for THC?



Can melatonin be taken with Ativan?

Some people get completely knocked out with melatonin. Make sure you are going to bed and don't have to get up early the first time you take it. Along with Ativan , may make you extra drowsy. If you smoke, don't smoke unattended after taking this combo til you are sure how it will affect you.


Is melatonin safe for CIDP or Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy?

Melatonin has been shown to enhance the full spectrum of the sleep cycle, including the deep cycles needed for the restoration of myelin sheath on neurons.

It is also known to induce apoptosis (cell death) of certain cancer cells.

Both cancer and CIDP share a common problem of an underlying systemic inflammation. It may be acting to reduce systemic inflammation as well, although this is a leap of logic but certainly a testable hypothesis for researchers.

It is a safe substance, even for healthy individuals, and it certainly does not cause

kidney damage like the standard immunoglobulin drug being used for CIDP.

I am not saying to avoid standard medical treatment, however, I suspect their are

natural substances that could be of huge importance to the management of this

cruel disorder.

Benadryl (diphenhydramine)

Can you take Benadryl and melatonin together?



How many pills of Melatonin can cause absolute certain death?

Not a lot of professional research has been done with melatonin, especially as it relates to lethality. This is at least partially likely to be the case as melatonin is not especially lethal. Tests in mice and rats show a LD50 (Lethal dose in 50% of the test population) at 1-3g/kg. So if you weigh roughly 110lbs, this amounts to as much as 150g of melatonin; an amazing amount and more than likely enough to make you sick. But that's not all...

In the studies I found, many of the fatalities were related to tumor formation, so we're not looking at acute fatalities, but chronic, long term deaths. Maybe. Over a long period of time.

As such, I will respect your request that I don't preach, and simply answer the question: No-one knows, as this medication is not very lethal at all.

I would of course encourage you to start up a dialogue about this before killing yourself.


Can you take melatonin and hydrocodone?

If your hydrocodone makes you sleepy, ask your doctor. Some people get completely knocked out with melatonin. Also be careful with dipenhydramine and hydrocodone.


Can you take melatonin while taking Vyvanse?

Yes; some research has indicated that it may in fact prevent some possible damage to dopamine receptors within the brain that amphetamine can potentially damage.


Can you take aspirin and melatonin together?

Well, I was also wondering this because i have some pain in my right shoulderblade and I'm also a Chronic Insomniac. I experimented with it last night.

I took six (325mg) Aspirin and two (3mg) Melatonin capsules. As you can see, I'm still alive, so i don't see any harm in it.

Now, I'm not telling you to mix medicines, different people react differently. I had no problem with this but try at your own risk.



Is melatonin a mood stabilizer?

Melatonin is a naturally occurring "sleep regulating" hormone in your body. As such, it is not really a mood stabilizer as over the counter medications are. But since it helps regulate sleep, and since sleep is critical to overall mood, it does play a part in how our mood is if we do not get enough restful sleep.

It can be bought over the counter in various milligram dosages without a prescription; and it is often the first thing that some practitioners will suggest if there are sleep deprivation issues present. Since it is already present in the body, one is merely replacing something rather than adding a foreign substance. Therefore there is relatively little risk to the person.

Stress, and long periods of sleep deprivation can deplete the stores of melatonin in the body making sleep onset and duration difficult. Adding melatonin back can assist with both. Generally, the first suggested dose is 1-3mg per night; but there is also a 5mg extended release dose, as well. There do not seem to be any contraindications in my experience with most psychiatric medications, and indeed, melatonin is a first line additive when sleep issues are present prior to adding any prescription sleep aid.


Can you take Klonopin with melatonin?

yes. providing you do not have any other co-morbidites and that the dosage of klonopin (clonazepam) is not too high to where it will cause severe respiratory depression. i'd say 0.25-2 mg is a safe range.


What are the side-effects of Melatonin?

I´ve had a 3 month nightmarish relationship with melatonin taking 2 mg 2 hours before bedtime. The first week was pure bliss. Fell fast asleep, normal sleep pattern, woke up gradually in the morning. Wide awake and alert all day.

Then side effects rapidly appeared. I didn´t see the link between symptoms and side effects due to the very comforting governmental published info from the Norwegian medical authorities. The gp even had the box on his desk... Here´s the list:

- Steadily increased episodes of short awakenings at night, with intervals every 20 minutes, ending in about 30 (I counted) per night. When I slept I had terrible nightmares, dreamt all the time (continuously REM-state). Every time I woke up I had fast heartbeats and anxiety.

- Woke up feeling drowsy, heavy, confused and just had to sleep. Woke up several hours later in the middle of the day, sometimes as late as 2 p.m. Then walking around in a sleep walking kind of state, totally lacking mental focus.

- Migraines

- Dry mouth

- Tight throat making swallowing food difficult

- Puffy face and bad and dry skin (my closest friends stared at me because I appeared different somehow)

- Light sensitivity

- Tremors, small rapid tightening and release of the muscles

- Psychological changes, impaired memory, cognitive abilities, and the ability to concentrate, crying spells without being depressed, strange thoughts, I became strangely aggressive (I´m in reality very calm natured), talking loud, saying strange things. I have difficulty remembering things from the last two months on the drug (it´s a drug)

- Stomach problems

- Gained several pounds over a short time

- A sensation in the chest area mimicking allergic reactions, coughing and wheezing until my lungs hurt

- Impaired motoric skills, clumsy and doing things slowly to counteract the trembling in my hands

- Heat flashes in my face followed by itching red skin

- I became very aggitated, constantly moving my legs and arms around, restless

- Episodes of decreased hearing in one ear

- Severe general fatigue

- Missing menstruation

- Neuasea and a couple of episodes vomiting

- Pain in the back

- Strange perseptions, questioning myself of my own sanity (voices, music, visual)

There you have it, and you probably have difficulties believing it, but it´s all real.

I still can´t believe that melatonin has become a prescription drug over here, recommended by doctors as a serious alternative to other sleeping aids. I became incresingly aware of maybe all of this was caused by melatonin and started searching the net. It horrifies me that the research done on melatonin is minimal and nobody knows nothing about the long term effects, and how the pineal gland will react over time. That is seriously surprising since it ended up as a prescription drug.

I was actually happy when first introduced to it, and was really positive. Considered it as less harmless than my regular sleeping medication (I´m low in melatonin levels due to constant low levels of B12).

And even more, my best friend has tried melatonin twice and both times she experiened severe bleeding rashes on her face and upper body. She also started hearing "music" og background conversations in every source of sound thinkable. Kinda light psychotic. She even went to the doc because she questioned her own sanity receiving an anti psychotic drug!

Both our problems went away almost immediately when quitting cold turkey and we went all well and sane again.

I don´t doubt that some use melatonin with great effect and have non, few or less serious side effects. However, be careful and monitor any changes, both physical and psychological. When two sane people have experiences like that.. Messing with hormones isn´t all that harmless as advocated by it´s hard core users and now more surprisingly by professional medics that we had trust in. The pineal gland is controlling a substancial number of processes in the body, including major neuro processes most including the spineal cord.

So now you understand that I´m terryfied by this drug.

But it could work well for you.


Melatonin C13H16N2O2 is not a drug, and is produced in the brain 24/7, production increasing at night in the pineal gland.

You cannot be allergic to it!

That would be like saying, "I'm allergic to my arm," it's part of you, has always been there, and is constantly in your blood stream. Your symptoms indicate something else but I am not authorized to give a diagnosis, but it is not a melatonin problem. The pineal gland kicks in shortly after birth (if it doesn't colic starts because of less sleep signals [which is what melatonin does]), and your problems would have started a few months after birth when hormonal production of C13H16N2O2 began. As we age, the pineal gland calcifies and you sleep less. If you had no melatonin in your system you would not sleep at all except after being totally exhausted, as you say you slept until 2pm says you do not have enough melatonin in your system.... See a doctor.

I think you're taking too much. 2 mg is a LOT - I only take 0.2 mg, and various studies have shown that to be the optimum level. When I take more than that (say, 0.5 mg) I feel nauseous, hungover, have nightmares and wake up frequently. So with 2 mg I'm not surprised you're having side effects!


Is 3 mg of melatonin the same as 300mcg of melatonin?

300 mcg (micrograms) is a much smaller dose than 3 mg (milligrams). And they are not the same as the other answer states.


Is melatonin safe to take?

yes. it is naturally in your body already. all it does is calm your mind to help you sleep. it is perfectly safe. *In animals, melatonin has been demonstrated to prevent the damage to DNA by some carcinogens, stopping the mechanism by which they cause cancer. *The antioxidant activity of melatonin may reduce damage caused by some types of Parkinson's disease, may play a role in preventing cardiac arrhythmia and may increase longevity; it has been shown to increase the average life span of mice by 20%. * In the immune system The body of research is overwhelmingly supportive of the claim that melatonin interacts with the immune system. Melatonin may help fight disease, but its true role in disease treatment is unknown. There have been very few trials designed to judge the effectiveness of melatonin in disease treatment. Most existing data are based on very small, incomplete, clinical trials. *Melatonin is an immunoregulator that enhances T cell production somewhat. When taken in conjunction with calcium, it is a very potent immunostimulator of the T cell response. Due to these immunoregulatory effects, it is used as an adjuvant in many clinical protocols. *In dreaming Many melatonin users have reported an increase in the vividness or frequency of dreams. The usual dosage range is 1-5mg, taken about 9pm to duplicate normal circadian rhythm. Its main adverse effect is that the nature of dreaming being more vivid than expected (remember, these come from the subconscious) is often felt to be unpleasant or alarming causing many to discontinue its use.


Can you take melatonin and allergy medicine at the same time?

Yes you can it does not cause a risk at. Hope i helped (:


Is too much melatonin bad for you?



Is it ok to give Melatonin to a 18 month old baby to help the baby sleep?

There will be no short term side affects to this, but long term you will mess up your child's ability to properly produce melatonin. Melatonin is produced by our brains, and when you supplement it you cause your body to stop producing it and create a dependency.

Try cutting your baby's naps short, or keeping him/her awake through their last nap. Make sure that you don't feed baby sugary foods with dinner, as that will also keep them awake. Make sure they have a full tummy and aren't thirsty before putting them to bed also. My baby wakes up if he kicks his socks off because his toes are cold, so maybe try sleepers with feet, or if your baby is waking up sweaty, try a light weight cotton sleeper.


Can you take depakote and melatonin together?

can a person take melatonin and depakote,and will there be a reaction


What happens when you snort melatonin?

You die!!


How many mcg's is there in 3 mg. I have Melatonin 3 mg. and my brother has melatonin 300 mcg. who's is the strongest and better to take?

mgs=milligrams mcgs=micrograms


so if you have 3 mgs in melatonin you would have to take 3,000 mcgs

that would be 10 pills of 300 mcg

you would only have to take 1 pill of 3 mg to equal that 3,000 mcgs

Basically the micrograms are for people who need a mild mild mild sleep

milligrams would be better for a good nights sleep trust me I know but nI have to take 6mgs to get an accurate sleep. You cant always go by weight here you must go by need of sleep.

Example is my 8 yr old son who is a athletic kid with ADHD must take the same 6mg of melatonin. That's why you should always consult a DR or Pharmacist, you don't want to get the wrong dose.


How many pills of 5mg Melatonin can cause absolute and certain death?

About 40 or so depend on your weight and height.


Can melatonin and magnesium be taken together?

Yes, these do not interact.


Can you take melatonin and Ibuprofen together?

Sorry if this isn't very helpful,i take ibuprofen all the time,not for the weird reason guys..with melatonin,swallow ibuprofen,then put a melatonin beneath your tongue,i have had no probs with that.


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