Methotrexate is a chemotherapy and immunosuppressant. It is commonly used to treat autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. It is also used in the treatment of several types of cancer, such as leukemia or breast cancer. It can have serious side effects, and the use should be closely monitored by a doctor.

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Can you take valtrex and methotrexate together?

This would be OK to do. There are no interactions listed between these two drugs. Remember that methotrexate is very harsh on your stomach. Have some food before you take this!

Even more important to remember is that methotrexate wipes out folic acid in the system so a folic acid supplement needs to be taken everyday in order to reduce the risk of liver toxicity.


Can you take methotrexate and Benadryl together?

You can. There is no interaction between these drugs.


How does methotrexate work in arthritis?

after using methotrexate what must be the hcg level.How many dose methotrexate need.


Abdominal pain after methotrexate injection for ectopic pregnancy?

i experienced intense gastrointestinal pain after the treatment. That is listed as a common side effect, and will go away fairly soon, if it is a gas-like stomach pain.


Is methotrexate a form of morning after pill?

No. It is a drug which prevents cells dividing and is usually used for cancer, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. It's only use around fertile women who may be pregnant is to induce miscarriage in cases of ectopic pregnancy. If taken during a possibly normal pregnancy it can cause severe birth defects.


What drug is used as a rescue from toxicity for methotrexate?



Can you take Folic Acid when using Methotrexate for Arthritis?

You must take folic acid with methotrexate because the drug depletes it naturally from the body. Not taking folic acid could lead to severe liver damage. When being treated with MTX regular blood tests should be done to test for toxicity and other problems. ( I take 7.5 mg MTX once a week and 5 mg megafoll folic acid per day. )

Ectopic Pregnancy

What can you expect to experience after taking a shot of Methotrexate for an ectopic pregnancy?

After my methotrexate injections (I had 2) I did suffer from extreme fatigue and continuing, mild abdominal pain with the occasional 'stabbing' pain. I felt SLIGHTLY nauseous but not too bad. My hcg levels did rise slightly on day 4 post-injection but this is not uncommon, apparently. The key indicator is the drop between day 4 and day 7 which is expected to be at least 15% and after that, a continuing downward trend. I didn't have any bleeding at all until 8 days after the injection and then it was very light and pink in colour.


What pain killers can you take with methotrexate?

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How do you get rid of nausea after methotrexate for RA?

I had a bit of trouble with that when I first started using the stuff I was taking 15 mg so I took 10 one night and another 5 the next that settled it down. I found however that after a few weeks of taking the stuff it stopped upsetting my system and now I don't feel a thing when I take it. always take it just before going to bed that way most of the bad feelings are gone by the time you wake up. at least that is my experience with it. And I am still on it.


What drugs are used as a RESCUE from toxicity of methotrexate?

When you are on methatrexate it tends to deplete the folic acid in your body which can be bad for the kidney. I myself take 10 mg of MTX once a week to help stop inflammation that is the result of Rheumatoid arthritis's. to build up the folic acid I take 5mg of Megafol Folic acid every day. In any case you should speak to your doctor as Methatrexate can be a dangerous drug if there are any problems.


When can you stop taking methotrexate?

that is hard to say Methotrexate is a DMARD (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug) The reason it works is not totally understood aside from that it reduces certain affects of the immune system. In any case If you have found that MTX was effective in stopping the inflammation of RA you are in a position where unless the disease has gone into remission you should keep taking it. While you are taking it thee is no way of knowing whether you have gone into remission. However what ever way you look at it there is still no cure for RA so if you had it before you took MTX then you will still have it after you stop taking it. this means that when you stop taking it it wile return, Along with the ongoing damage that comes with the disease (unless the RA happens to be in remission at the time) I have stopped taking MTX for short periods the weekly dose before and after an operation. and once the dose before and 2 after a course of antibiotics for a lung infection that was caused by flu. by the end of that time I could feel that some inflammation was returning. so my guess is that so long as there are no nasty side effects the doctor will keep you on MTX for as long as he can. The only way to know what happens if you stop taking it is to stop taking it and see what happens. Keep in mind however that it takes MTX time to start working so if you stop taking it while it is suppressing the RA you are stuck with the symptoms and possible damage until you have it working again if the symptoms return.


Is methotrexate bad for you?

It's terrible for you; it inhibits the body's use of folic acid, which is required for cell division and RNA/DNA synthesis.

The question really is one of "is it less terrible for you than whatever it's being used to treat", and the answer is, often, a guarded yes. For example, methotrexate is better than cancer. The dosages used for treatment of, for example, rheumatoid arthritis are significantly lower than the typical chemotherapy dose, and are generally well-tolerated by most people.


How long do you have to wait to try to conceive after the methotrexate shot?

I had an ectopic pregnancy in December and my doctor has advised me to wait 6 months before trying to conceive again. The following link contains a journal article on the subject. It is loaded with hard to understand medical terminology, but the summary is pretty easy to read.


Can you take Methotrexate and Ambien together?

You can take the two together. There is no interaction between the two medications.


How long should you refrain from drinking alcohol after having the shot of methotrexate?

Answer: Methotrexate + alcohol :((

Ideally you should not drink any alcohol if you are taking methotrexate as the liver will already be working overtime to metabolize the drug and alcohol can cause liver damage under these circumstances. If you must drink, then drink as little as possible.

Due to the potential for harmful interactions you should avoid drinking alchohol, having sexual intercourse, taking vitamins with Folic Acid/Folate, and eating foods high in Folic Acid for one week after receiving Methotrexate.

Methotrexate is believed to stay in the body tissue for as long as 3 months after treatment so it is important to use contrceptives for at least 2 months after treament with Methotrexate.

Ask your doctor for more information also visit


Can you take by mouth methotrexate injection?

For any medication, an injection can only be injected. The route of delivery affects how it is absorbed, how much is absorbed, and the time it takes to be absorbed. Never change the route of delivery by yourself. Talk to your doctor.


Can you mix NyQuil and methotrexate?

Though it's hard to say, depending on which NyQuil you would use, as each NyQuil has different drugs and a combination of them in it (NyQuil Cough, NyQuil Cold & Flue, etc.), it doesn't seem like there would be an interaction between the two.


How does methotrexate work?

Methotrexate was originally used in cancer chemotherapy treatments It interferes with the operation of the immune system. It was noted that the use of this drug reduced inflammation in RA sufferers. The amount of methotrexate used to treat RA is far far smaller then that used for chemotherapy and it is still not understood exactly why it has the effect that it has other then it interferes with the immune systems operation. The draw backs in it use are that it can lead to a high degree of toxicity in the system and lead to liver damage if not monitored carefully with regular blood tests. Folic acid is used to help reduce the chance of damage occurring as a result of its use.


What is methotrexate used to treat?

Methotrexate is used to treat several forms of cancer, as well as some autoimmune diseases.


Can you get a flu shot while on methotrexate?

Yes, you can and you should get a flu shot every year if you are on MTX. My Rheumatologist did suggest not to get the shot the day of or first couple of days after taking your MTX dose (if you take it once a week).

You should of course discuss this with your doctor.


Can you drink nonalcoholic beer and take methotrexate?

you can drink nonalcoholic and alcoholic beer while on methotrexate. my ra doctor said it was fine to have a few beers. moderation is key. don't read all the forums from these people saying it will kill you if you mix the 2. it won't. if you were drinking a case every week that wouldn't be good but a few beers during the week won't hurt.


Can you dye your hair while on methotrexate?



Would methotrexate show positive for meth in a urine drug screen?



Is methotrexate an immune suppressant?

Yes Methotrexate is an imune supresant and people using this drug should do their best not to be near anyone woth colds or flu, as they are more likely to pick it up and wil have more dificulty getting rid of it.Have a look at the related link below(Methotrexate: 10 Things You Should Know)

Methotrexate is a DMARD (disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug) used to treat certain types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions.

This would be best discussed with his doctor I am an adult on the same stuff and from what I understand there is an increased risk if infection. At one stage I ended up not being able to get rid of a lung infection while on Methotrexate and antibiotics until i dropped the methotrexate for the course of antibiotics plus one more week.

If you are on methotrexate make a point of mentioning it to your Doctor if you are going to have any live inoculations against illnesses because the methotrexate will reduce the effectiveness of the injections or possibly make them useless altogether.

I started using MTX some yeas ago at 10 mg once a week with 5 mg offolic acid a day because the mtx stops your body from producing it. and it helps protect the kidneys against a lack of the stuff. However I caught a cold or flu. Now normally I would shake it of after a couple of days and make some smart remark to those dropping like fly's all around me like " I didn't like that flu so I decided to stop having it" Methotrexate changed that, As a result of the MTX and possibly the prednisone I take I don't seem to have the same resistance against cold and flu as I used to have. I was back and forth to the doctor for weeks trying to get to a position where I could breathe again without wheezing, I even ended up on asthma treatments, To no avail. So after a couple of month of this I got hit by another bout of flu, only this time I decided to take the MTX into account. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics for the lung infection and got of the MTX for the time that I was on the antibiotic's. The result was that for the first time I was getting ahead of the breathing problem. Luckily my Ra did not flare up during this little experiment and I just got back onto the stuff after missing it for two weeks. I had to have an operation a little while ago and was told by my surgeon to get of the MTX for the week Preceding and the week after the procedure. and once again it did not seem to do any harm. So as I see it if you are in need of your immune system to fight infection sometimes it may be a good idea to get of MTX and get the system working properly. Mind you I am not a trained professional in these maters so bringing this up with your doctor might also be a good idea.


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