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First released in 2000 by Rockstar Games, Midnight Club is a series of racing video games. Ask questions about game tactics here.

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Midnight Club

How do you honk on midnight club?

I don't think you can honk your horn in any midnight club game but i sure hope you could because it would make the game better

Midnight Club

What are the cheat codes for Midnight club 2?


After starting a new game or loading an old game, go to the options mode -> cheat codes then type the following:CheatEffecttheparrotUnlock all racing modesrimbukUnlock all cars, modes, cities, and drivers in arcade modeoctaneGet NitrousyerbamateUnlimited nitroushowfastcanitbe(0-9)Makes the oppoents slower or faster depending on the number selected.griswoldUnlock all Citieshowhardcanitbe(0-9)Sets difficultystarpowerPress F to fire gun, and disables damageleatherandlacePress F to fire gun, press H to fire rocket, and disables damagestarlitePsychedelic ViewtumblerAllowes Cars to do Wheelies in air.upupdowndownTurns off all cheatsps2/xbox: douse not exist

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Midnight Club

Cheats for midnight club la complete edition?

there are no cheats in pc

but this might help

Rockstar UnlockablesTo unlock what's listed below, find the corresponding amount of Rockstar (R*) collectibles in the game.
  • 10 - Unlimited Nitro
  • 20 - Never Damage Out
  • 30 - Unlimited Special Abilities
  • 40 - Top-Down View
  • 50 - No Police
  • 60 - No Fines
Fast TravelTired of having to drive all the way across LA? Well there are two ways to avoid this: One involves going into Race Editor mode, switching off Drive and Drop mode, then moving the pointer to the place you want to be. Switch Drive and Drop mode back on and exit Race Editor mode and you will be at the place you selected.

Another way is to go into arcade mode and select a race that starts near where you want to be. Begin the race and exit it immediately and you will be at that spot.

Remember - this game is all about illegal street racing. Gassing it on "go" will leave you in your opponents'. However, jumping the gun is allowed here without your opponents knowing what hit them. While waiting for green, do a burnout by flooring the gas while engaging the E-brake. Watch the countdown and release the E-brake early while there are three or four bars left in the countdown timer. With this technique, you'll smoke your opponents off of the line each and every time

Easy Highway Battle WinsYou can challenge various highway battlers to quick races by flashing them with your high beams when you're on the freeway. Racers with red markers are considered the hardest, though you can smoke 'em easily with this easy trick. Before starting a highway battle, build up lots of speed from behind the opponent. As you pass, flash your lights to start the race. You'll blast by the opponent before he even thinks about accelerating, giving you an awesome advantage and an almost surefire win in the short race

midnight club la complete info

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Published by: Rockstar Games

Developed by: Rockstar San Diego

Genre: Racing

Release Date:

US: Oct 20, 2008

Australia: Oct 24, 2008

UK: Oct 24, 2008

MSRP: $59.99


Also Available On: Xbox 360 PlayStation Portable Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 PlayStation Portable

Also known as: Midnight Club: LA

Midnight Club

How do you make a race on midnight club la?

race editor

Midnight Club

What is the best muscle car in midnight club la?

The '07 Chevrolet Z06 has the best speed and acceleration, whilst the Saleen Boss has slightly better handling.

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

How do you use nitro on midnight club los angeles?

SQUARE on button - manual

on xbox it would be X on button - manual

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

How do you unlock upgrades in midnight club los angeles complete edition?

you unlock them when you get enough rep. you unlock all cars,[except dubs]when you have about 17000 rep.


dude thats not true. iv'e been playing this game for over 2 months, and i have dub edition casr already. u get the dubs when u earn rep and as u win races more n more

Midnight Club

How do you sell your car on midnight club la?

you can sell it by going to "manage vehicles" and pressing "X" or "Square"

Midnight Club

How do you unlock Tokyo in midnight club dub remix It should be open automaticly?

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

Are there any trucks in Midnight Club Los Angeles complete edition?

Midnight Club

Is there police in midnight club la remix?

Yeah there is but one thing is that they are rare. they sometimes will emerge during a race as a blinking arrow, sometimes after another racer, or after you. (Cops are only in the LA career, which is dumb)

Midnight Club

How do you get group 4 car midnight club la?

i have seen you have to get 20000 rep to get them then there are lots who are saying 16500 but the truth is you have to get 16500 then race a little for it to reconise your rank then they will unlock

Midnight Club

How do you drop top on midnight club la?

Access to this feature is available in the "options" menu, and can also be assigned to any of the buttons of your controller in the "custom controls" menu within the "options" menu.

Midnight Club

How do you get pink slips unlocked in Midnight Club LA PS3?

you have to keep doing races and karol will kall u and tell you its time......

Midnight Club

Is there going to be a new midnight club game?

im sorry to say but rockstar games is done making midnight club after la the people at rockstar decided to make production for a newer game people got fired but i might be wrong maybe they might make a new midnight club but that's if they step up there game i too am a fan of it .

Midnight Club

Midnight club 3 dub edition remix-- police light mod code I need this code for gameshark Know it I want my faster cars as cop but they dont have the cop lights I need the gameshark code for this?

Yeah, there is none sorry.

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Midnight Club

Whats the cheat to unlock all the cars on forza 2?

Unlocking ALL cars in Forza 2After reaching level 50 in the European side, I found that there were many cars I couldn't unlock because to do so I needed to reach level 50 in the Asian and the American sides. I'll have to start again (twice)! Do I have to log in with the same name as before, or a different one? If it's a different one, will the thing remember I reached level 50 in the European side?

Confused... ============================

Found the answer (quoting "Basalt" in Ars Technica): "When you're in the career main page hit the right bumper. That will take you to your garage so you can switch regions. As was mentioned earlier you shouldn't switch regions until you've purchased all of the cars from the region you are currently in. That way you'll be able to take advantage of the 50% discount.

Each region change costs credits. The cost grows exponentially for each change you make so try to make as few as possible.

Once you've switched to a new region, that region's reward cars (the ones you're given for hitting a certain level) will be available for purchase. Unfortunately they don't just give them to you once you make the change. You are given the 50% discount on production cars in whatever region you are in no matter how many times you change."

Thanks, Basalt!

wth r u talkin about!?!?!?(spartan ruler bloke 'ere)i got confused.com before the endin of the first paragraf


This is the bottom line. While in the main page of career mode, press right bumper which will take you to your garage and it will allow you there to change regions.

But, I wouldn't switch regions until you have all the cars purchased in the region your on. Once in the new region just go through and buy all the cars, they should all be unlocked.

Buy all the cars in each region and your achievements/trophies should pop and walla!

Midnight Club

Can they repossess your car after midnight in Connecticut?

YES, they not only CAN but after midnite is the best time..most folks are asleep then.

Midnight Club

How do you get hydraulics on midnight club LA?

MCLA already has it. Go to performance, chassis, then hydraulics. It doesn't work for all vehicles, though. Mostly muscle cars.

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

How do you save your game on midnight club Los Angeles?

its easy to save midnight club los angeles first go to the garage.second go to exit garage wonce u exit garage it will save automaticaly without telling you

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

How do you use special abilities in midnight club los angeles?

Once you have a car that is able to use the special abilites you have to drive clean(don't hit anything) for a certain time. The time length is the time for the white circle on your HUD to the right go around completely and then you should have one third of a blue circle. If the special ability has an upgrade that allows it to have two or three of the partial rings you can either use the first part of the ring by pressing the specified key(go to the pause menu->options->controller options then you can choose a preset control type or you can make a custom one. If you need help making a custom one just send me a message. Hope this helps.

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Midnight Club

Is there a cheat codes for midnight club la complete edition?


Midnight Club

What is the word code for all unlocked cars in midnight club 3 remix?

i think it either roadtrip or crosscountry.

Los Angeles
Midnight Club

What is the hottest club in Los Angeles?

There are alot of choices for clubs. It all depends on what you want. Below is a list of different types of clubs.

Jail Incarceration
Midnight Club

Who is the blonde actress in the movie LA Ladies Club Pool Game jail cell scene?

Note that most online references to this movie actually refer to a movie called "Ladies Club" about a raped policewoman who forms a vigilante group. That is NOT the same movie. The movie "L A Ladies Club:Pool Game" has a group of ladies who discuss their sexual conquests while playing pool. But, I don't know who the blond actress is.


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