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People go missing every day. Sometimes it can be someone under mental distress that has wandered away from home, and other times they are forced away from their friends and families against their will. In many instances, it is unknown what may have happened to the person. There are several large organizations dedicated to finding these children and adults.

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Missing Persons

How do you find records on someone who disappeared in the early 1900's?

You could check the various genealogy online search sites, newspaper searches, obituary searches, military records- many of which have trial memberships you could use for the purpose of checking that particular person. You could check through the United States census records and if you find the party that will give their last known address and other persons they may have lived with. Then, you could do a more focused search in that particular geographical area- death records, newspapers, marriage records, school records, etc.

Ancestry.com would be a good resource to explore.

Missing Persons
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When should you report a missing person?

Despite the misconception that you need to wait 24 hours, most law enforcement agencies advise people to report a missing person as soon as possible. You should call the non-emergency police number to file a report (unless you suspect foul play). If the missing person is a child, you should call 911 then the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

A missing person is usually defined as someone whose location is unknown, and who therefore cannot be confirmed as alive or dead.

Missing Persons

What does it mean when you dream your child has gone missing?

On one level, this dream reflects natural parental concern for the well being of the child. By facing terrifying possibilities in the safety of a dream, the subconscious mind gains confidence and experiments with different ways of coping.

> On a different level, the child represents a vulnerable, innocent aspect of the dreamer's own personality that is at risk of being lost. For example, one's sense of playfulness can be neglected and lost in the struggle to achieve a career.

Missing Persons

How do you write a lost notice for a child?

Unless you were a sick person then usually you would report it to the police, they do not confirm a search party until the person or persons have been reported missing for 24 hours. If you were a sick person you'd probably make a poster similar to the ones that you see for lost dosmestic pets.

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A person killed wounded or missing?


Missing Persons

How do you find a missing person?

You first should call the police and file a report if needed. You could also put up some flyers in your local community.

Missing Persons

Who wrote the missing persons league?

Frank Bonham wrote the Missing Persons League.

Missing Persons

How long does a person have to be missing to file a missing persons report?

There is no set time, but before you call the police and file a missing persons report you have to make sure that they really are missing. Phone around friends to trace their last movements, call school/work/places where they were last, have a thorough look before you phone the police.

Another View: For a non-threatened and non-impaired adult - 24 hours is the "customary" amount of time law enforcement will let lapse before actually filing a report and looking into the circumstances.

For a child - a 'threatened' adult - or someone missing under clearly suspicious circumstances, report it immediately.

Little known fact: (in the US) It is not against the lawto be a "missing" person. An adult in control of their faculties, and not under duress, has the right to go wherever they choose, take up residence anywhere they like, and do whatever they (lawfully) choose to do, without interference from the authorities. Even when located, if they choose NOT to have law enforcement disclose their location and advise anyone of their whereabouts this request must be honored. Law enforcement can advise the person who reported the individual missing, that they have been found and are safe, but they may not disclose their whereabouts.

Missing Persons

What is a person with Turner Syndrome missing in their karyotype?

The second X chromosome other females have.

Missing Persons

If a person goes missing and the insurance brokers give away his insurance what happens when he comes back?

How could they have 'given away' any insurane? I don't think that is possible, if you mean the policy lapsed due to lack of payment that of course had to happen. Please explain or expand your question.

Missing Persons

When can you file a missing person report?

At anytime after the individual goes missing - after a "reasonable" time has passed OR dependent upon the circumstances.

The catch is the "reasonable time" part. If it is a young juvenile - action will be taken almost immediately. For a teenager - a little longer. For an adult (not under suspicious circumstances) - maybe longer still.

ALSO - you must have the legal "standing" to report someone missing - a family member or a person in a close personal relationship, for instance. Most people do not reailize that it is not a crime to be a "missing" person. A legally competent adult can decide to disappear with no notice whatsoever to anyone and they have every legal right to do so. Occasionally the police will locate a long-lost missing person but all they can legally do is report back to the person that originally reported them missing is that they have been located and they are okay. Legally they cannot even disclose where it is they were 'found.'

Missing Persons

Can a person sue over being fired for missing teeth?

If your boss said you must have teeth as part of your job appearance and let you know that you could be fired it you didn't follow the rule, than you may not have a case. You need to discuss your situation with an attorney.

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Does the military laws supersede civilian laws when it comes to filing a missing persons report?

If the missing person is an active duty member of a service branch, yes, it does.

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What do you call a person missing a finger?


Missing Persons

Where do you file a missing person report?

Contact your local law enforcement agency.

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Can a person buy social Security quarters to obtain missing quarters or periods?

No, you cannot buy Social Security quarters to obtain missing quarters or periods. See: http://ssa-custhelp.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/ssa.cfg/php/enduser/popup_adp.php?p_sid=qPrbkZDj&p_lva=&p_li=&p_faqid=494&p_created=975937846&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9NTEsNTEmcF9wcm9kcz0mcF9jYXRzPSZwX3B2PSZwX2N2PTEuMyZwX3BhZ2U9MQ**

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Who killed the missing child on S.Darko?

I read some spoilers and now it all makes sense to me (spoilers read AFTER I saw the movie and was ticked off that it seems the kids weren't saved).

The pastor and Trudy were the ones abducting the kids. The giveaway that I missed was when Trudy was speaking to Samantha while she was crying and mentioned that the town used to be good, until the "drugs and heinous sex." She said something like "We have to get to the children before..."

So they are stealing the kids before they can become sinners, and allowing them to die to take the path to heaven instead of living a life of sin.

However, they aren't caught or punished in the movie, and the kids just... die.

That's the part that makes me mad. Couldn't something have been done?

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How do you spell visulize?


Missing Persons

How long do you have to wait to file a missing persons report for an adult?

3-4 days depending on the state you live in

Missing Persons

If you find an missing item or a missing person and you did not know there was a reward offered are you still entitled to the reward?

One would certainly hope so, as it would indicate that the person who made the discovery was sincere in there effort to help, rather than having just taken part in the search for the sole purpose of being rewarded for their effort. As for the legal issue, if the offer of a reward is made by a private party, they have no legal obligation to actually turn over the money to the eligible party. In other cases, it would be determined by the stipulations as to how and who would be eligible for the reward.

Missing Persons

Why is it called an AMBER Alert when a child goes missing?

The name Amber Alert was inspired by a case in 1996 when a child named Amber Hagerman was abducted and murdered in Arlington Texas.

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How do you find a person you would like to see again?

You can also use Facebook Friend Finder and enter his name there. The Internet is a good place to start. Start with any of the people finder services by typing in as much information about the person as you know, such as his/her full name, nickname, age, last known city he lived in, and so on. This will usually give you a list of people with the same or a similar name. It will, also, often give you a list of cities this person's name is linked to. It may give you other names that are linked to this person, such as other family members. From there, you can begin to narrow it down. In order to receive the actual addresses and phone numbers, though, you will have to pay a fee to the service. There are several different ones available.
Another possible way to find someone is by searching the database of any social networking groups to which you belong. Facebook and MySpace are both good for this. You could also look for any other family members of this person who may also be on these sites and contact them in this manner.

However, searching through all of these sites individually can be a hassle. You can use a site like 123people.com and wink.com. Those sites search through Facebook, MySpace and hundreds of other profiles at once.

Missing Persons

How long is a person missing in Texas until they can declared died?

7 years

Missing Persons

How long does a person who is missing have to be gone before they are considered deceased?

It might depend on the state or country you live in. I think in California (U.S.), it is seven years. * In the US the rule of common law applies. After 7 years from the date of the last known contact with the individual, persons who have just cause can file a petition in state court to have the missing individual declared "legally dead." The court will require that evidence be submitted to prove that an earnest attempt was made to discover the whereabouts of the missing person. Such evidence would be a search of public records, statements from relatives, friends, co-workers, police reports, etc. If the individual disappeared under unusual circumstances, for example after a threat was made upon their life, then the process becomes even more complicated, especially when it relates to life insurance benefits and other financial matters. The decision, as in the majority of civil matters will be determined by the court according to the laws of the state in which the missing individual resided.

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What is a person called that is missing one hand?

A one handed person?


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