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Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is a bestselling American novelist best known for his romantic novels such as The Notebook, which later became a hit movie.

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What is the conflict of the last song?

The conflict is that her dad in the movie has a disease and all she did was be horrible to him and soon after in the story her dad has a heart breaking death. ...
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What authors are similar to Nicholas Sparks?

No one, because he is one of a kind ; the best author ever
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What is the plot of the story 'A Walk to Remember' by Nicholas Sparks?

The plot for A Walk to Remember is a girl in high school helps one of her contemporaries at school become a better person and in the process they fall in love so she decides she has to tell him she has a terminal illness. They get married and she dies about a year later and his future is improved drastically because of her influence. ...
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Is The wedding by Nicholas Sparks going to be made into a movie?

Yes, I was watching the TLC show "cake boss" yesterday and the director for the movie (same director as the movie "the bucket list" in case you were wondering) came is to the bakery because he needed several cakes real & artificial to use for scenes in the movie. The cakes were beautiful too, its all this frilly pearlized fonda w pink roses. ...
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Who are the antagonist in the novel the last song by nicholas sparks?

He's name is Marcus. He is Blaze's boyfriend and he loves Ronnie, but he is a bad person. He gets everything his way. Marcus is heartless, careless, and cruel. ...
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Who was Tim is the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks?

Tim was Savannah's neighbour. Its Tim's brother Alan who is her inspiration to start the ranch for autistic kids. Tim loves Savannah. book's better than the movie but i cried in both :L ...
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You like nicholas sparks what other authors will you like?

I love Nicholas Sparks so you will also like KRISTIN HANNAH (Firefly Lane) all her books are amazing, Jodi Picoult, Charles Martin, Nicholas Evans.. TRy it ...
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Who are the characters in Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks?

Katie (the main character), Alex (Katie's love interest in Southport), Kevin (Katie's husband who constantly hits her), Carly (Alex's dead wife), Jo (Katie's best friend who is actually the ghost of Carly), Kristen (Alex's daughter), Josh (Alex's son), Ivan (the owner of the restaurant where Katie works), Ricky (a chef at the restaurant where Katie works who hits on her), Joyce (an old woman who helps Alex manage his store), Roger (a man who works at the grill in Alex's store), Coffey...
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Where did Nicholas sparks live?

Internationally bestselling American author Nicholas Sparks was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Before the age of 8, Sparks had also lived in Minnesota, Los Angeles, and Grand Island, Nebraska, as his father was completing his graduate studies. He then lived in Fair Oaks, California, in Sacramento, California where he moved with his wife; he and his family now reside in New Bern, North Carolina. ...
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What are nicholas sparks kids names?

Miles, Ryan, Lan, Lexie and Savannah
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Has the Notebook by Nicholas Sparks won any awards?

yes it has. its won heaps and heaps of awards just find it out yourself
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Who are the characters in The notebook by Nicholas sparks?

the main character in the notebook Noah Calhoun, Allie Nelson, Lon Hammond other minor characters Guss, fin, Sarah, Morris Goldman ...
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What happens at the end of the lucky one?

you will find crystals because out side i found 1 white crystals u why because i was lucky ...
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Who is the antagonist in the novel the last song by nicholas sparks?

In my opinion the antagonist is Blaze because Marcus likes Ronnie, so Blaze tries to destroy Ronnie by placing cds in here purse. Ronnie walks out with them and then now she has to go to court ...
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How does the dad die in the book the last song by nicholas sparks?

the dad or Steve died of stomach cancer
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What is the summary for the last song by nicholas Sparks?

The Last Song revolves around a seventeen year old Ronnie Miller, who is sent by her mother to spend the summer after graduation with her ten-year-old brother, Jonah, visiting her father, Steve. Steve, a former Juilliard professor, had divorced Ronnie's mother, Kim, three years earlier and left New York City for his childhood home, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. Ever since, Ronnie has refused to talk to him or to play their shared passion, the piano, and becomes a rebellious clubber. Upon arrival, Jonah...
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Why do all of nicholas sparks books take place in NC?

they all take place in NC because that's where nicholas sparkls lives. Most authors write their novels where they live. ...
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The Last Song By Nicholas Sparks?

Ronnie and Jonah, during their summer vacation they are sent to their Step-Dad or Dad however you want to say it. Ronnie does have her fits in the beginning but as over time, their father and daughter relationship progessd. She fell in love during the summer with a guy named Will. As of while Jonah had helped her Dad finish making the window. Later on, her Dad had Stomach cancer. But he had it towards the beginning of the year or...