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Pixar Animation Studios, formally Graphics Group, started in 1979. They were part of Lucusfilm, before becoming independent with the help of Apple. The company was later purchased by Disney. Although Pixar is popular for their long films such as Up and Monster, Inc., they are also known for "bringing back" cartoon shorts. Pixar short films, such as Tin Toy, Geri's Game, and For the Birds have won various Academy Awards.

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Pixar Animation Studios

Is Pixar better than dreamworks?

No it isn't because dreamworks do more and better movies

Pixar Animation Studios

How come there's no Pixar characters on the Kingdom Hearts series?

I believe there were none partly because of the fact that there was a Pixar/Disney feud going on during KH2. But the creator is considering it.However,Woody and Buzz were set to appear in Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix as summons,but were cut for unknown reasons. Pictures of them without there textures can be seen at the kingdom hearts wiki.

Pixar Animation Studios

What is the only Pixar movie not rated g?

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ,Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End are PG-13 there are some NR and a lot PG rated.

Pixar Animation Studios

Does Disney own Pixar?

Yes, the Walt Disney Company bought out Pixar in 2006 for $7.4 billion. But this transaction made Steve Jobs the largest shareholder in Disney. So if you want to get technical... Pixar would own Disney.

Pixar Animation Studios

What is the best Pixar movie and worst Pixar movie in the world?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the best Pixar movie was Toy Story 2 with a 100%; the worst Pixar movie is Cars 2, with a 39% (the only bad Pixar film to this day)

Pixar Animation Studios

What are the Pixar short films?

The Adventures Of Andre And Wally B

Red's Dream

Tin Toy (Toy Story)

Geri's Game (A Bug's Life)

Luxo. Jr (Toy Story 2)

For The Birds (Monsters, Inc)

Mike's New Car (DVD Release With Monsters, Inc)

Knick Knack (Finding Nemo)

Boundin' (The Incredibles)

Jack-Jack Attack (DVD Release With The Incredibles)

One Man Band (Cars)

Mater And The Ghostlight (DVD Release With Cars)

Lifted (Ratatouille)

Your Friend The Rat (DVD Release With Ratatouille)

Presto (Wall-E)

Burn-E (DVD Release With Wall-E)

Partly Cloudy (Up)

Dug's Special Misson (DVD Release With Up)

Day And Night (Toy Story 3)

Toy Story Toons-Hawaiian Vacation (Cars 2)

Air Mater (DVD Release With Cars 2)

Toy Story Toons-Small Fry (The Muppets)

Pixar Animation Studios

Is Cars a Pixar movie?

Yes. Cars ,which was released in 2006, was made by Pixar Animation Studios.

Pixar Animation Studios

Is Shrek a Pixar movie?

No. Shrek is a Dreamworks Animation movie not a Pixar movie.

Pixar Animation Studios

Is Disney Pixar Disney?

Pixar was purchased by the Walt Disney Company and is one of the companies they own. Pixar however still have their own offices and make movies under the Disney/Pixar umbrella.

Pixar Animation Studios

How many Cars movies has Disney-Pixar made?

there are 3, cars has been released (Cars in 2006). Cars, Doc's return. cars 2 was released on nov.1.

Pixar Animation Studios

Is Monsters Inc a Pixar movie?

Monsters, Inc. is a Pixar movie.

Pixar Animation Studios

I want to make animation film like Pixar company and Disney pictures. But i don't know who makes characters by computer and the storiesi want to know what universities related.popular ones?

Go To: http://www.pixar.com/howwedoit/index.html

That page should give you all of the information you need. Pixar uses Renderman to make their films.

Pixar Animation Studios

When will Disney Pixar cars 2 come to theaters?

June 24, 2011

Pixar Animation Studios

What was the fourth Disney Pixar movie?

Pixar has produced a total of eleven feature films. They are listed below:

1. Toy Story (1995)

2. A Bug's Life (1998)

3. Toy Story 2 (1999)

4. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

5. Finding Nemo (2003)

6. The Incredibles (2004)

7. Cars (2006)

8. Ratatouille (2007)

9. WALL-E (2008)

10. Up (2009)

11. Toy Story 3 (2010)

All eleven of these films are in the fifty highest grossing animated films of all time. Toy Story 3 takes No#1, Finding Nemo takes No#4, Up takes No#8, The Incredibles takes No#11, Ratatouille takes No#12, Monsters, Inc. takes No#17, WALL-E takes No#18, Toy Story 2 takes No#21, Cars takes No#23, A Bug's Life takes No#30 and Toy Story takes No#31.

Pixar Animation Studios

Who owns Pixar?

The Walt Disney Company.

On January 24, 2006, Pixar entered into an agreement with The Walt Disney Company to merge the two companies. The deal was approved by shareholders of both companies and the merger became effective on May 5, 2006. Pixar is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company.

Pixar Animation Studios

What was the first Pixar film to be given a PG rating in the US?

It was called "4Loot Cheater"

Pixar Animation Studios

What was the first Pixar movie to be rated over G?

The Incredibles.

Pixar Animation Studios

What information system does Pixar Animation Studios use?

Pixar primarily uses the Linux Operating system for production.

Pixar Animation Studios

What was first Pixar movie rated above a g?

The Incredibles

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Pixar Animation Studios

Can a cartoon kangaroo be fat?

Yes, the animators can draw whatever they wish.

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Pixar Animation Studios

What are the top 10 animated movies of all time?

According to Box Office Mojo the top 10 animated movies [as of October 2017] are ...

Domestic Take

  1. Finding Dory | $486,295,561
  2. Shrek 2 | $441,226,247
  3. The Lion King | $422,783,777
  4. Toy Story 3 | $415,004,880
  5. Frozen | $400,738,009
  6. Finding Nemo | $380,843,261
  7. The Secret Life of Pets | $368,384,330
  8. Despicable Me 2 | $368,061,265
  9. Inside Out | $356,461,711
  10. Zootopia | $341,268,248

Worldwide Take

  1. Frozen | $1,276,480,335
  2. Minions | $1,159,398,397
  3. Toy Story 3 | $1,066,969,703
  4. Finding Dory | $1,028,570,889
  5. Despicable Me 3 | $1,027,053,615
  6. Zootopia | $1,023,784,195
  7. Despicable Me 2 | $970,761,885
  8. The Lion King | $968,483,777
  9. Finding Nemo | $940,335,536
  10. Shrek 2 | $919,838,758
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Pixar Animation Studios

Who voices the dad in Pixar's Inside Out?

Kyle MacLachlan is the actor that voices the dad in Pixar's Inside Out

Pixar Animation Studios

What are the short Pixar films?

Short Film In Theatrical Release With

The Adventures Of Andre And Walle B Brazil

Red's Dream

Tin Toy Toy Story

Geri's Game A Bug's Life

Luxo Jr Toy Story 2

For The Birds Monsters Inc

Mike's New Car Monsters Inc (Dvd)

Boundin' Incredibles

Jack-Jack Attack Incredibles (Dvd)

One Man Band Cars

Mater And The Ghostlight Cars (Dvd)

Lifted Ratatouille

Your Friend The Rat Ratatouille (Dvd)

Presto Wall-E

Burn-E Wall-E (Dvd)

Partly Cloudy Up

Dug's Special Misson Up (Dvd)

Day And Night Toy Story 3

Toy Story Toons-Hawaiian Vacation Cars 2

Toy Story Toons-Small Fry The Muppets

Air Mater Cars 2 (Dvd)

La Luna Brave (2012)

Pixar Animation Studios

What characters does John Ratzenberger play in Pixar movies?

John Ratzenberger has appeared in all 11 Pixar films:

  • Hamm - Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3
  • P.T. Flea - A Bug's Life
  • Abominable Snowman - Monsters, Inc.
  • School of Moonfish - Finding Nemo
  • The Underminer - The Incredibles
  • Mack - Cars
  • Mustafa - Ratatouille
  • John - WALL-E
  • Tom - Up
Pixar Animation Studios

What does Wall-E stand for in the Disney Pixar movie Wall-E?

Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class. On the Axiom there are giant WALL-A s, but they stand for Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Axiom class.


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