Saints Row

Saints Row is a game that features the 3rd street saints and follows their development. The player plays as the leader of the Saints who is customized completely by the player. The franchise hosts a main story with free roaming in Stillwater and Steelport. There are also many challenging side missions.

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Saints Row

Where is technically legal in saint row 2?

north of on the rag

Saints Row

How much will saints row 3 cost?

Currently the retail price for the PS3 and Xbox 360 games are $29.99 PC game is $39.99. The correct title of the game is Saints Row The Third all platform versions are selling on Amazon for $25 or less on 7/21/13

Most games quickly decrease and sell below retail prices Current amazon used prices are not offered at a reasonable discount when compared to the new cost and the games are likely the ones that have not been purchased. Some are actually higher prices than the new games. Trade in value is listed as $7.78

Saints Row

How do you replay missions in saints row 2?

you go to one of your safe houses and look at the newspaper board and there will be a button that says replay mission

Saints Row

What is the best house in saints row 2?

The best house is the Saints Row Mega Condo located at Athos Bay in the Saint's Row District

Saints Row

Why wont it let me play saints row 2 co op?

There is a Co Op in Saints Row 2. But you have to have 2 seperate ps3s and make sure both you and your friend are logged in to the PS Network. Sadly Co op is only a Online Feature.

Saints Row

What to do after you kill Julius in saints row 2?

Become a wigga!

Saints Row

Where is the mall on saints row the third?

in the city near the bowling alley (i was a beta tester for it so it might have been moved)

Saints Row

Can you replay missions on saints row the third?

Unfortunately no.

Saints Row

Will saints row 3 have split screen?

Unfortunately no. It is the same with Saints Row 2. Co op is a Online Feature only

Saints Row

What is never die on saints row the third?

Its the cheat code for your person to never die

Saints Row

Can you use taxis on saints row the third?


Saints Row

What is better MW3 or saints row the third?

It really depends on what kind of game do you like. If you are more into first person shooters than mw3. But if you are into a fun game which is 3rd person view and do-what-ever-you-want kind of games you like than Saints row the third.

I honestly think that mw3 is just mw2 with a few extras and improvements. Other than that......... :P

But Saints row the third is a more epic and a much more fun game taking your whole gaming experience to a new level. :)

Hope you find this usefull and I helped you and others. :)

Saints Row

Where is the helipad on saints row 3?

After you unlock free roam you need to complete the 2 missions then you will unlock a new Crib where there will be a helipad

Saints Row

How much will Saints Row 3 cost used for PS3?

If it is used it will cost about $49.99 usually.

Amazon already has a $10 credit toward future purchases if you buy the new game for $59.99 and you do not pay taxes or shipping. The game will be on sale for less over the holidays in new condition

Saints Row

How do you drive a helicopter on saints row the third?

Use RB and LB to steer the helicopter and use A to increase height and X to decrease the height of the helicopter.

Saints Row

When does saints row the third come out on ps3?

I think it comes out in the middle of November, 11-18,it's in the teens. its 11-15 2011

Saints Row

Does saint row have swearing?


Saints Row

Is their cheat codes for saints row 3?

yes there is

Saints Row

Will there be cheats at saint row the third?

Yes thier will be and they are,


Add Police Notorierty: pissoffpigs

Add Gang Notorierty: lolz

Give $1,000: cheese

Give Respect: whatitmeanstome

Infinite Sprint: runfast

No Police Notorierty: goodygoody

No Gang Notorierty: oops

Heaven Bound: fryhole


Give Ambulance: giveambulance

Give Gat Mobile: givegatmobile

Give Estrada (Secret Car): giveestrada

Give Toad: givetoad

Give Nforcer: givenforcer

Give Knoxville: giveknoxville

Give Status Quo: givestatusquo

Give Reaper: givereaper

Give Anchor: giveanchor

Give Attrazione: giveattrazione

Give Bootlegger: givebootlegger

Give Peacemaker: givepeacemaker

Repair Car: repaircar

Give Justice: givejustice

Give Phoenix: givephoenix

Give Quasar: givequasar

Give Municipal: givemuniciple

Give Taxi: givetaxi

Give Titan: givetitan

Give Vortex: givevortex


Give Miami: givemiami

Give Shark: giveshark

Give Commander: givecommander


Give Condor: givecondor

Give VTOL: givevtol

Give Specter: givespecter


Give Kenshin: givekenshin

Give Kaneda: givekaneda

Give Sandstorm: givesandstorm

Give Windowmaker: givewindowmaker


Give Tornado: givetornado

Give Vulture: givevulture

Give Eagle: giveeagle


Give Challenger: givechallenger


Give RPG: giverpg

Give Satchel Charges: givesatchel

Give Kobra: givekobra

Give 45 Shepered: giveshepered

Give K-8 Krukov: givekrukov

Give AR 55: givear55

Give Viper Laser Rifle: giveslm8

Give Ultimax: giveultimax

Give Death Blossom: giveblossom

Give Hammer (Shotgun): givehammer

Give Tek Z-10: givetek

Give Cyber Blaster: givecybersmg

Give Cyber Buster: givecyber

Give McManus 2015: givesniper

Give RC Vehicle Possessor: givercgun

Give Reaper Drone: givedrone

Give Airstrike: giveairstrike

Give Sonic Boom: givesonic

Spawn Flamethrower: giveflamethrower

Spawn Minigun: giveminigun

Spawn Shock Hammer: giverocket

Spawn M2 Grenade Launcher: givelauncher

Spawn Riot Shield: giveshield

Give Baseball Bat: givebaseball

Give The Penetrator (Dont Let Children Do This Code!): givedildo

Give Chainsaw: givechainsaw

Give Apoca-Fists: giveapoca

Give Nocturne: givesword

Give Stun Gun: givestungun

Give Flashbang: giveflashbang

Give Grenade: givegrenade

Give Molotov: givemolotov

Give Electric Grenade: giveelectric


Clear Skies: clearskies

Heavy Rain: heavyrain

Light Rain: lightrain

Overcast: overcast


Drunk Pedestrians: dui

No Vehicle Damage: vroom

Vehicle Smash (Flatten Vehicles By Running Them Over): isquishyou

Bloody Mess (People Explode When You Kill Them): notrated

Zombies: brains

Mascots: mascot

Pimps' And Ho's: hohoho

One Hit Fire Arm Kills: goldengun

Weapons: letsrock

If you want to learn more info. here is my gamer tag for the xbox360, Skull Torture

Good Luck!

Saints Row

What is inappropriate in saints row 3 it may be a reward for family but its good to know What is wrong about things to?

EVERYTHING nudity, blood, swearing, sexual activity, ETC ETC ETC ETC

Saints Row

How do you customize the saints hideout in saints row 2?

There is a room... I think it's the second floor, just have a look around.

Saints Row

Cheats for saints row 3?

i only know 2 but for all pedestrians to be zombies type in brains and for money,which i don't know what the amount is,is cheese

Saints Row

Can you date on saints row 2?

No. But you can do ho-ing diversions.

Saints Row

Will there be an Infinite Ammo cheat for Saints Row 3?

Don't cheat bro. You lose your ability to get awards/achievements.

Saints Row

Saints row 3 demo?

Some say there isnt one :(


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