Screensavers are applications that run when a computer is idle. Their purpose is to prevent damage to computer monitors and/or provide entertainment.

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Where can you download Windows 98 3D maze screensaver free?


What are the kindle 3 screensavers?

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Edgar Allen poe

Mark Twain

John Steinbeck

the one with the 17th century astronomer & his wife w/ giant sextant

the Hercules constellation

the Audubon finches-in-a-tree

Kindle definition with falling letters

Agatha Christie

Man at table with lion in foreground

Charlotte Bronte

James Joyce

Virginia Woolf

Alexandre Dumas

Jules Verne

Kindle feedback request w/ some sort of coding machine


Oscar Wilde

Woman with book

John Milton

Lewis Carroll

Medieval illumination page

"Albertus" page

Emily Dickinson

Jane Austen

Cathedral floorplan


How do you set a screensaver on blackberry pearl?

You go into settings: you'll find it out from there.


How can you convert a flash file into a Windows screensaver?

You can convert Shockwave Flash (*.swf) files into Screen Saver files (*.scr) using a program like InstantStorm, see the related link for their homepage.
With a FlV converter, convert FLV or .swf files to gif or aiv.


Does a LCD monitor need a screensaver?

NOT REALLY, Older displays used technology that used Phosphors that were charged to make colors display. When an image was on the screen too long the phosphors would sometimes "burn out" with the constant energy and leave that ghastly image on the screen called "BURN IN". A LCD screen uses a completely different technology, (liquid crystals that are charged). A LCD screen can sometimes get what is called "IMAGE PERSISTANCE" which kinda creates a ghost image on the screen. This is usually only a temporary problem which can be easily fixed. The best way is to make a background that is completely white and have the screen display that for a few hours. When you do this you can bring up the brightness on your display to its max setting. This should solve any persistant images on the screen. SO.... a screen saver wouldn't hurt, but it won't cause as many problems as going without used to. Hope this helps Cheers


How do you transfer a screensaver from one computer to another computer?

find where the screensaver exe file is. then email it... that is the simplest way. Unless you know how to set up an FTP exchange via intranet/internet


Can your psp have a screen-saver?



Why your screensaver is not working in Nokia e63?

Try going to Menu > Tools > Themes > Power Saver > Animation Options > Change > Animation File, then select the file you want. Set the other settings to how you want them. The animation should come on after 60 seconds.


Does the laptops need a screensaver?

No. The only monitors that really need screen savers are the ones using a cathode ray tube.


Where can you get a screensaver for WWE wrestler edge?

i love edge unchained wrestling wallpapers no 1 source for wwe tna and ecw wrestling wallpapers


How do you change tinasoft easy cafe screensaver?

step by step instruction:

On change a Tinasoft Easycafe on server to chg all client screensaver..

1)click services>system properties

2)Administration (tab) must have Authorised

3)on Banners (tab)

4)add (search your Gif format for banners)

5)choose duration depends on how long your screensaver will play. (system will play again your screen saver after the selected duration)

One Direction (band)

Where can you find one direction screensavers?

On a website

on tinternet

on webernet

on a url

just type in one direction screen savers!!!


How do you change your screen-saver on a Pantech pursuit?

Click on the menu icon at the bottom, then go to your pictures. Once you found the picture you would like, click on it. Then press "Options" in the bottom left corner. Now press "Set as". Then click on wallpaper and it should be your new screen-savor.


Why doesn't screen saver work after adding a Microsoft wireless laser keyboard 6000 and mouse to your computer you tried the fix that Microsoft suggested and that didn't work Any suggestions?

well start off with your settings make sure you can do it. look in your error console to see whats going on. restart your computer ,do it again,restart again.if no screen saver then maybe it is not updated,and it just does not exist. always do virus scans and spyware scans after adding things to your computer that your not getting.gotta clean up a little.


How do you undo screensaver mode?

Shake mouse retype password


Rugby League State of Origin screensavers?

You can check this site out ;)

Regards, Literati


What does it mean if a guy puts a picture of him and you on his screensaver if he never puts any girl on his screensaver?

Sorry to put it so bluntly, but think really hard and you can answer this question on your own. Either he thinks that's the only good pic of himself, or he has a BIG crush on you. You get the idea. - a man (19)


Whats wrong with your computer screen if whenever it goes in the black screen mode after the screensaver and you move your mouse and your screen go to desktop then black over and over again?

Usually try a friends computer if your computer is experiencing difficulties. Otherwise make the year you were born in lower than 1900 because the site might think you are not old enough if you have a 1997 date.

There are 3 step to repair blue screen error

If you got blue screen error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair blue screen error you need to follow the steps below:

* Step 1 - Download a Perfect Optimizer,install this error repair tool.

* Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you PC for Free.

* Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair blue screen error.

Here are the URL of Perfect Optimizer:


Why are screensavers necessary?

According to my knowledge this is because screen savers increases the life of your monitor

Updated 6/7/10

your knowledge is correct


In WindowsXP whenever the screensaver comes on it goes back to the user login screen although you only have 1 user and you don't know how to stop it from doing that how do you stop it from doing that?

This is caused when you install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 It creates a hidden username on your computer, ASPNET. Although you can't see it, windows is still asking you "which user do you want to log into?" when you turn your computer on, or recover from the screen saver. To correct this, download the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 from the Windows Update website, or you can do this workaround: Go to Start>Run Type in: control userpasswords2 and hit ok. At the top, uncheck "user must enter a user name and password to use this computer" and hit apply, and ok.


Does the nook simple touch have screensavers?

Yes, it does have screen savers


Why you should use a screensaver?

Because traditionally CRT monitors suffered fronm 'screen burn' where the contents of the screen were 'burnt' onto the screen. The screensaver was a moving object on the screen designed to stop screen burn. It is still popular today, because people can make them look cool.


Does nokia 5800 have a clock screensaver?

Not now but yes in a few years


What is duration of screensaver?

Until and unless you distrub the computer.


How do you create screensavers?

MS PowerPoint


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