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No, unless you like the idea of it blowing up in your hands. They're nowhere near being rated to withstand the pressure generated by small arms ammo, not to mention several necessary internal components are not present.

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Q: Can an airsoft pistol be changed to a real gun if you convert the barrel and the recoil spring into a real one?
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Why does my airsoft pistol shoot up?

The barrel may be warped. You should get a return on it if at all possible.

What airsoft pistol look closest to jango fetts pistol?

The only thing that could look remotley close to it would be a WE Luger with a long barrel

What causes a gas airsoft pistol to shoot less than a foot... the bb just rolls down the barrel?

Needs to go to a repair center

Is it legal to convert a shotgun into a pistol with a barrel length less than 18?

No. Barrel must be at least 18" and overall length no less than 26"

Pistol that comes with the mossberg m590 airsoft?

It is called the Mossberg 45 Pistol.

Is there a muzzleloading airsoft gun?

Almost all airsoft guns may be muzzle-loaded, weather or not it is healthy for the gun, is an entire different story. This is because most guns expel air through the barrel, and everything in the barrel that can catch enough of it will be forced out as well.

Does the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol have a lot of recoil and weight?

If it is a spring pistol it won't have any recoil. According to the specifications, the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol has an unloaded weight of 1.25 pounds.

Beretta 92FS Ultra Airsoft Pistol?


How do you unclog an airsoft pistol?

Needs to be looked at by a professional

What is a good electric airsoft pistol?

marui AEP's.

Where can you find a Luger airsoft pistol? for canada

Should you lubricate a spring airsoft pistol?

Yes, any airsoft weapon should be lubricated properly.