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Yes, I think he does because when he asks the little boy whether or not meggie kissed Farid back, after he found out he thinks it a good thing. "he kissed her!'... 'so he did, ' Doria whispered back. 'but did she kiss him back?'...No!'...'thats a good thing then,' said Doria. ' a very good thing.'

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No they do not. but i heard that Cornelia Funke is making a fourth book (i am not sure how true it is but its possible) so maybe they will in that one.It would be a good idea if Doria and Maggie to kiss in Inkdeath.Just saying and you know Cornelia Funke not gonna have a fourth book in the Inkheart serious just saying

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She wont marry him in Inkdeath but later. Because in the story, Feneglio mentioned that Doria was also his creation and he made many discoveries like a plane in the inkworld. He also wrote that his wife was from a far away land who told him the stories about those things. So it was obviously Meggie..

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Yes, several times in Inkspell and Inkdeath. Read the books they are awesome!

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Q: Do Doria and Meggie kiss in inkdeath?
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Does meggie marry Doria in inkdeath?

They don't have the wedding in InkDeath but yes, they do get married when they are older.Farid do love and kiss Meggie in InkSpell and yes he did say Meggie was his in InkSpell

Does doria like meggie?

in the back of Inkdeath there is an A-Z of the inkworld, and its says under Doria's name that he is in love with Meggie.

Will anything come between Farid and Meggie in Inkdeath?

yes, Meggie falls in love witch a boy in Inkworld named Doria

Who is Doria in Inkdeath?

Doria is the youngest person in the robbers camp and he has a stiff hand, but he's in love with Meggie. Once Meggie get's 2 know him, she starts to fall in love with him 2.

Does Meggie die in Inkdeath?

No...meggie does not die in inkdeath.

Does meggie and her family escape the book in inkdeath?

Meggie and her family decide to stay in the book at the end of Inkdeath.

What is the name of Meggie's brother in Inkdeath?

He has no name, it was not mentioned in the books.

Who falls in love with meggie?

In the novel "The Thorn Birds" by Colleen McCullough, Father Ralph de Bricassart falls in love with Meggie Cleary. Their love story is a central theme in the novel as they navigate their forbidden relationship over several decades.

How old was Meggie in Inkdeath?

she lives with Elinor, Mo, Resa and her new baby brother in the inheart world. the end

Why does Meggie choose Doria over Farid in Inkdeath?

Just for the record, this is my take on the ending, not everyones. People have different opinions. At the end of the series, Meggie decides on Doria because she says she doesn't feel the same about Farid anymore. Yes, they have had interest in each other since the series began, yet her heart doesn't quicken it's pace when she says his name, or even when she's face to face with him. Dustfinger always came first, even though Farid was infatuated with her Meggie too from the start. I believe she also took into account the lack of attention and time she received from Farid in the final book. Now Doria is a different story. Ever since he met Meggie in Inkdeath he has done everything in his power to help Meggie and keep her happy. I think Meggie needs someone strong and brave who truly cares about her. That's why I was happy she chose Doria in the end. Besides, what would happen to the story about the clever inventive Doria and his beautiful inspiring wife? :)

Do meggie and farid get together in inkdeath?

No. Farid and Meggie have a very sweet and innocent relationship that is slowly begun in the first novel (Inkheart), but grows closer in the second novel as the two travel to the Inkworld together (Inkspell) and then once more slowly dissipates in the last book (Inkdeath). Sadly, as the series goes on, Farid is so devoted to Dustfinger, he often leaves Meggie feeling resentful and alone, assuming he loves more/is more devoted to Dustfinger than herself. Farid also kisses another girl while working for Orpheus, although Meggie is unaware of this fact. Meggie meets another boy, Doria, whom Fenoglio later realises may/must be the Doria from a short story he once wrote about an inventor whose wife comes from a distant land and gives him ideas for his stories. It's sad, but not all first loves work out and Doria's character is very sweet toward Meggie and Fenoglio's revalation hints that Meggie was destined to be with him all along.

Who is Doria in Inkheart?

Doria is the Strong Man's younger bother. The Strong Man is let's say one of the "Merry Men" but not from Robin Hood from the Blue Jay.SPOILER DO NOT READ IF YOU DON'T WHAT TO KNOWDoria and Meggie love each over in the end and get married.Yes, Meggie chooses Doria over Farid, who kind of turns into a jerk abotu halfway through Inkdeath, but Farid is a free spirit and settling down wasn't something i think he would or could do. He had to choose between Meggie and Dustfinger, but a favorite quote of mine is"You can't have two things at once. If you don't choose, you'll lose both."-Leo, from Beast Master.It was like this for Farid, so he chose to follow Dustfinger and roam free. After Doria comes in Meggie and Farid drift apart anyway.