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you don't! it is illegal. you cannot even legally have a silencer without a special licence.

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Q: How do you make a silencer for any gun?
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What is the Afrikaans word for 'silencer'?

If translated directly it is 'versagter,' but when used in silencer of a gun it is 'knaldemper.'

How do you get a silencer on modern warfare 2?

just unlock it on any gun really, it's not that hard to figure out

Is a m1911 gun loud?

YES! Any firearm that doesn't use a suppressor (silencer) will have a loud sound.

How do you silence an airsoft gun?

put a silencer on it

What is the best gun in call of duty mw3?

G36c holographic and silencer. The best gun on my oppinion is the p90 with the silencer and rapid fire or acog scope and silencer.Its a pretty quick reload to.

Where can you get an LS M9 gas blowback bb gun silencer?

yes zero one sells an m9 barrel thread that can attach a silencer

Where to buy a good airsoft silencer?

No silencer is going to actually "silence" your airsoft gun since the sound is coming from the gearbox, not the barrel. But a good place to get a mock silencer would be Airsoft GI and

Why Silencer ammo?

The ammunition (bullets) is not silenced. A silencer is a device that is placed on the end of the gun barrel to absorb and smother the sound of the explosion when a bullet is fired. It is similar in principle to the silencer system on a car engine, without a silencer the noise from the engine would be deafening.

Do M-16s have silencers?

They don't normally come with a silencer. A silencer is something you purchase separately, although there may be some dealers that sell a gun with a silencer already on it. The silencer is something that a civilian can own, but only in some states, and there is a long and expensive process to be approved for it.

What gun did Butch kill Vincent Vega with?

Ingram mac 10 + silencer

Is a tac65 a gun?

It's not a gun, but under the United States law that regulates the possession of certain kinds of guns and gun accessories (the National Firearms Act or "NFA") a silencer is classified as a sort of "firearm." In reality, and in plain English, a TAC65 is a silencer made for .22 rimfire guns with threaded muzzles. It's a screw-on "can" sound suppressor, also called a silencer. In England they call these sort of things "moderators" because they moderate or reduce the sound of a gunshot. You can use a TAC-65 on almost any make or model of .22LR rifle or pistol, as long as it has a threaded barrel. (Except for revolvers. Silencers don't work very well on any kind of revolvers).

What is the best secondary gun in splinter cell conviction?

I think it is the five seven with the silencer.