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A cricket breathes through holes in its body, by letting in oxygen i the body

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Q: How does a cricket breath through its holes in its body?
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How does the cricket breathe through holes in its body?

It takes the oxegeon in by its body.

How do insects breath through spiracles?

Insects breath through holes on their body called spiracles.

Which animal other than cricket breaths through holes on its body?

i think a frog.

How does a grasshopper breath?

On each of the first eight abdominal segments on opposite sides there is a small airhole. These holes lead to a network of tubes (trageas) that branches through the whole body.

What part of the body does birds breathe through?

They have two little holes above their beak, and that is their nose. They breathe through that usually, unless they have been out in the heat...then sometimes they pant, like a dog, a bit.

How do sponge get oxygen?

Through the holes in their body.

Do mealworms need holes on the container to breathe?

Meal worms are beetle larvae, and beetles are insects. All insects breath through tubes and holes all over their body.

What part of there body do great white sharks use to breath?

they breath through their gills

How does air get into your body?

Through your mouth/nose when you breath.

Seahorse-how do they breathe?

they breath through gills on their body

How can animals breath without using their lungs?

Well you see fish breath through things called gills so they don't need lungs to breath. Whales have huge holes at the top of their heads so when they need to breath they squrt out water from those holes.

How do humans loose water from the body?

Through the urine, through our exhaled breath and through sweating.