Is the elite force m4 cqb a good gun?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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It is a great gun for cqb and you can adjust the fps with the quick change spring feature

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Q: Is the elite force m4 cqb a good gun?
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Is 500 fps slow or fast?

For and airsoft gun. Yes that is 200 fps over the CQB limit

Can you get a mini gun on sniper elite?

If by mini gun you mean a "miniaturised" version of the M167 Vulcan 20mm antiaircraft gun, the answer is "No" on the original Sniper Elite.

Is the Dboy CQB carbine full auto?

I have the same gun and i use it on full auto all of the time. So yes it has full auto.

What is an example of an action reaction forces?

The recoil of a bullet being fired from a gun is a good example, the action force is the gun pushing the bullet away from the gun and the reaction force is the bullet pushing back against the gun (recoil).

What is a good fps for super cqb airsoft wars?

"super cqb airsoft wars" could be elaborated on, but I'll do my best to cover the topic. In backyard airsoft (around the house, etc.) anywhere above 275 is good. What I mean by good: your bb is going to get there in time to the target to leave a welt of some kind. High FPS does not mean high accuracy. It means your bb will get there quicker. Anywhere above 200 is reasonably good for close-encounters accuracy, but if you get above 375, it's likely no one will want to play with you, because no one likes huge bleeding welts. To conclude: if your airsoft gun of choice shoots in the neighborhood of 275 to 350, you'll be fine for just about anything you want to do in a CQB environment.

What is the best black ops 2 gun?

Cqb, scorpion evo. medium range, m27, or Fal, long range, Dsr, all these guns are the best in their categories.

Which elite Nerf gun has the best accuracy?

the rampage

Will boyi dboys ar m4 m16 190 short magazine work on boyi d-boys m4 cqb airsoft gun aeg rifle?

it seems like no one knows.

Is the m416 cqb the best gun in combat arms?

It depends if you like it better or not. For me, I rather use the M416 GP version instead of the NX version cause I do better with it. Or the G36E which is a ton lot better.

Is the force of a gun the same as the force of the bullet coming out the gun?

No, the force of the gun results from the explosion of the gunpowder, propelling the bullet forward. The force of the bullet is the result of the acceleration it receives from the gun's explosion, which propels it in the opposite direction.

How much does a delta elite paintball gun cost at walmart?

$330 american.

AK-47 Gold-Plated vs AK-74M witch on is better in combat arms?

AK 74M is because it has less recoil and more fire rate than AK 47 . also has more portability has 1 point less dmg than the g36e ,also good in cqb. my opinion its a very good all round gun.