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i i just ordered on only the single stack 1911s work with it like the colt style if the gun has aftermarket sights you may have to take them off, same with a rail under the slide you will have to grind down the kit to make it fit but any single stack tokyo marui or any clone of should fit

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Q: What brands of m1911 guns would work with the aabb 1911 conversion kit?
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When was the colt m1911 made?

The Colt M1911 was designed 1911.

When was invented the m1911?

well the answer is in the name 1911

What day in 1911 was the colt M1911 made?

would need a serial number to answer the question.....................

When did the colt M1911 pistol made?

1911, and remodled in 1927

What is the age of your colt m1911?

the serial number is too HIGH for 1911 military pistols........

How do you fix CO2 colt 1911?

Colt has never produced a model M1911 that is powered by CO2.

What happened on march 29 1911?

The United States Army officially adopted the M1911 pistol as its standard sidearm, giving the gun its 1911 designation.

What year did the colt M1911 come into service?

The Colt M1911 pistol entered service with the United States Army on March 29th, 1911. The Navy and Marines later adopted the pistol in 1913. Its formal designation was Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911.

How much would a m1911 cost?

A brand new M1911 can cost from $400--$2000+ or more (as of February 2015). There are many different companies that make the 1911, and several that create high-end models. Used 1911s can be purchased for much less, depending on condition.

What are the release dates for An Indian Brave's Conversion - 1911?

An Indian Brave's Conversion - 1911 was released on: USA: 15 May 1911

How do you find out if you can get a bigger magazine for Taurus 1911 pistol?

Gun Broker, Auction Arms, e-gunparts, Shotgun News, gun shops, gun shows... AFAIK, the Taurus M1911 takes a standard M1911 magazine, and higher capacity M1911 magazines have been manufactured.

When was the first colt 1911 manufactured?

The Colt M1911, a semiautomatic pistol invented by John Browning, was first made in 1910, and subsequently adopted into service with the United States Army in 1911.