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Most of the players that I play with will use an AEG rifle for their primary weapon and have a Gas Pistol as a secondary or back up weapon. Make sure to select a good secondary weapon, because as it will be your back up you always want to have a good gun to go to when your primary fails.

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I recently bought a Crosman Pulse R72 airsoft rifle from academy. It was $100 without tax but it has quickly proved its worth. I have been in 2 mini wars and 1 large war with it and have kicked butt. It is electric and is semi and fully automatic. You need to charge the battery in the new ones for 7-8 hours. That is one of my only dislikes. It is supposed to have a battery life of 20min-1hour but mine lasted for 4 hours. It is a good gun but the strap that comes with it is not very good. It comes off a lot. So don't just run with it hanging on you back. Make sure you have it in your hands. The magazine is a good magazine. I personally prefer magazines with the dial on the bottom. It holds 375 bbs I believe. The gun says to only use 6mm (12g) bbs on it. That is what I would suggest. You can also adjust the hop on it. It fires a good distance and is very accurate (with the hop set to your liking) on semi. On fully auto it is a spray of bbs but they are within 2 feet so it will definitely get a still target that you can see. If someone is running and you are trying to get them I would definitely use the full auto. All in all, I believe this is one of the best guns you can get. If you have enough money and are willing to spend it, I would suggest you get this.

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Depends on what you like. The FMG9 is pretty cool. So is the F2000. An airsoft Vector Kriss should be releasing later this year, and it will be the only of its kind. There is also some pretty cool M4/M16 body mods. It all really depends on what you like.

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Q: What is a good secondary airsoft gun?
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