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i had both a spring pump and electric and the spring pump was stronger. although the electric was more convenient

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The most powerful guns are bolt action spring guns, then gas and electric, then cheap spring ones.

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Q: What is more powerful gas or spring or electric in bb guns?
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What is more power full electric bb gun or sping?

Bolt action spring "sniper" guns are generally more powerfull (450+ fps) where cheap spring guns are very weak (~250 fps). Electric guns are somewhere in the middle.

What's more powerful bb gun or pellet gun?

Pellet guns are more powerful. They are stronger because they use a CO2 Gas, whil BB guns are spring-powered.

What is the difference in battery or gas powered air soft guns?

In a gas there there is no spring, it is more like a real gun but with gas instead. In battery/electric there is a spring but It resets itself after every round unlike a spring pistol where you have to cock it every time.

Why are the guns with long barred more powerful than guns is short barred?

They aren't always.

Is a pump Nerf gun more powerful than a spring?


Can you fit a more powerfull spring into a originally low powered air rifle?

Not recommended. Not desgined for a more powerful spring.

Is a airsoft gun more powerful then a spring airsoft gun?

No. Aspects which determine how powerful an airsoft gun is actually it's spring (stronger/harder the spring means bigger fps), compression (better compression = better fps), and weight of the BBs we use (heavier BBs in the same fps can deliver bigger energy).Edit: If a gun that is automatic in real life is spring and very inexpensive, it is probably cheaply made and therefore almost definitely weak. However, "manual" guns that are spring are usually at least fairly powerful, such as bolt action sniper rifles.

Are spring air soft guns better than electric air soft guns?

Yes, no or maybe are all correct answers depedning on how you intend to use the item. Spring airsoft guns use less parts and they don't need batteries (no need of charging), but they don't have auto/full auto capability. On the contrary, AEG's have those capability, but have more parts and need batteries to operate (hence, need more maintenance and, of course, more money to spend on it). Well, the choice is yours.

How powerful is a disposable camera stun gun?

about 7 thousand volts or more some can be as powerful as police stun guns

What is the most powerful bb gun in the world?

The most powerful BB guns are not really that powerful. However "Pellet guns" are much more powerful. Take a look at the PCP line of airguns at They use a scuba tank to charge the guns with air. BB guns fire about 350 to 450 feet per second. PCP's can fire well over 1000 feet per second.

Do gas trimmers have more power than electric trimmers?

Most often gas trimmers are more powerful then their electric counterparts.

How did the electric guitar impact music?

It allowed it to be louder and more powerful.