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Q: What is the best rescue team on Pokemon explorers of time?
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How can you get shaymin on your team on Pokemon rescue team explorers of darkness?

the tower

Where is regiegiggas in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

you cant find regigigas in Pokemon blue rescue team because that Pokemon doesnt exist in those games. its only in explorers of darkness, explorers of time, or explorers of sky. sorry :(

How do you rescue Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team with Pokemon explorers of time rescue team?

you can't i think i have completed the game but i think it can't

Are Pokemon Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon explorers of darkness compatible?


Can wonder mail from Pokemon Red rescue team be given to Pokemon explorers of darkness?


What is the difference between the categories mystery dungeon 1 and 2?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 1: Red Rescue Team/ Blue Rescue Team Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2: Explorers of Time/ Explorers of Darkness

How do you get a piplup in Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

You can't. Pokemon Blue Rescue Team only has Pokemon from Kanto, Jotoh, and Hoenn. Piplup is from Sinnoh which was discovered after Blue Rescue Team to come out, so you can get Explorers of Time or Darkness if you want Pokemon from Sinnoh.

What are some Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers?

I assume you're asking for what versions are there in this series so: For the Game Boy Advance: Pokemon Red Rescue Team Pokemon Blue Rescue Team For the Nintendo DS: Pokemon Explorers of Darkness Pokemon Explorers of Time Pokemon Explorers of Sky Correct me if I'm wrong, and/or if I missed any game, feel free to make changes.

Need rescued in Pokemon MD Red or Blue Rescue Team Pokemon MD 2 Explorers of Time or Darkness or Pokemon MD 3 Explorers of Sky?


What the next Pokemon game of mystery dungeon?

it went from red rescue team to blue rescue team to explorers of time and darkness which became explorers of the sky and i dont think there is another game yet

Is there communication with Pokemon explorers of sky and to blue rescue team?

i do think there is, but if i am wrong, then let me know

Is solar cave on Pokemon explorers of time?

No, it's only in blue & red rescue team.