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You are more than likely getting this off of a batch of ammo bought at Wal-Mart, but I will answer it for you anyway. Airsoft BB's come in one size, and one size only, 6mm... no one calls it .24 cal except for people at Walmart trying to pass their ammo off as higher quality. .24 cal = 6mm The POINT12gram BBs are usually very very very low quality, but the .25gram bb's are usually high quality. The 6mm BB's come in varrying weights, the standard for good guns being .20g. Some people (like me) have guns that shoot fast enough to allow for a heavier weight like .25 or even .30. The heavier weight ammo will make your airsoft gun shoot a lot slower, but the bb's will behave better through a hop up, be less effected by wind, and are able to cut through brush and grass. To summarize your answer, the .12g is the wight of the BB where as the .24cal is the size.

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Q: What is the difference between 12g and 24 cal airsoft bbs?
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Can you use 12g bbs in an Airsoft Tornado grenade?


What is the difference between airsoft bbs and regular bbs?

Airsoft bbs are made up of plastic and are 6mm in diameter and are .24 cal, BBs however are metal and are .177 cal (4.5mm)

How hard are airsoft pellats?

well airsoft airguns things like that ether shoot plastic bbs, metal bbs, or pelets plastic bbs: blastic bbs can leave welts depends on gun and bbs theres .12g .20g .24g .12g is softest metal: they can go throo about 1/8 an inch of skin dependon gun pelets: can kill you if u got the right gun

If I used .12g BB's in an airsoft gun that said to use .2g would that be bad for the gun Or would you recommend using .2g for all guns specifically the Electric Tactical M4 Assault Rifle FPS-315?

Most guns are built for .20 gram bbs, as .12 will be too light and inaccurate Some store brand airsoft guns are measured using .12g BBs because it increases the muzzle velocity due to the light weight. This is done to inflate the real performance of the airsoft gun. .12g BBs are to be used in the following kinds of guns: - Plastic Spring powered pistols - Plastic single barrel spring powered shotguns - Airsoft Grenades - Airsoft "flame throwers" Most airsoft guns use .20g BBs or heavier, not to exceed .25g for most airsoft guns (Many airsoft fields limit you to .20g BBs anyway). The heavier the BB, the more accurate it will be, but the more energy it will take to propel it. In short, use .2g BBs as a starter minimum.

Can all airsoft guns shoot 0.12g bbs?

All airsoft guns can shoot .12g bbs. However with more powerful guns, heavier bbs are recommended for better accuracy

What is the difference between 6 and 12 airsoft bbs?

Uh. Im not sure how to answer this question, please reword.

Can you use 12 g airsoft bullets with the tsd sports sdm100b2 airsoft sniper rifle?

Yes, every airsoft gun can fire any gram of BB, although .12g BBs wont be that effective in a sniper, try .25g or even .3g.

Are 12g bbs the same as 6 mm bb's?

it depends. 6mm is refuring to the bbs size. 12g is describing the weight of an bb

How are airsoft bullets made?

The BBs made in the factory are almost flawless, making a homemade BB and using it would be very bad for your gun. One of the easiest ways to break your gun is by using bad BBs. Also do not reuse a fired BB or use .12g BBs in an airsoft gun unless it is a spring rifle or pistol. Make sure you use .12g BBs or higher. BBs are extremely cheap as they are only around $15.

Should you use 12g bbs in an airsoft pistol?

depends. c02 pistols NO. use at least .25s. cheap springers yeah. better springers up to 375 fps use .20

What airsoft bbs should you get?

Type recommended by the maker of the airsoft.

What are the best airsoft bbs for the crosman stinger p9?

The stinger p9 is good with .12 gram airsoft BBs or you can use .25 gram bbs but then it will decrease the range.