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Q: Where can you get a replacement magazine for a sr ind series 1900 airsoft pistol?
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How do you fix a catch on a walmart airsoft pistol the model is a sr ind. series 1900?

You can oil the catch by taking the gun slide apart and oil the catch and the metal part on the slide.

Where can you get a spare magazine for sr 1900 series airsoft gun?

Try the store where you bought it first. Afte that, gun shops, gun shows, want ads

How can I find the users Manual for SR 1900 series Airsoft pistol?

First place to go would be the manufacturer. ...except S/R is a piece of crap, so you might as well just get another gun. Save time and money by going to your local sports store.

What is the difference between a series 80 and series 90 pistol?

series 90 has ten more whatevers than the series eighty. the end

Is the airsoft G and G Raider good?

G&G is a very reliable and good airsoft gun brand. In my opinion i think the G&G raider m4 series is good for anyone beginning airsoft or just wants more firepower.

How do you reassemble a Colt MK 4 series 80 airsoft pistol after you completely took it apart for cleaning and now have absolutely no clue on how to put it back together?

Find someone on your local airsoft forums and post a question to get some help. You will probably have to pay to get it fixed. Put it in writing that you only pay if they fix it completely. Get them to sign a sheet listing all pieces so you don't lose any. Pay $20-$30

Has ruger made a presidential series pistol in the past thanks?

It is possible.

What is the value of a sheridan h series pistol?

The sheridan H series in good condition is roughly worth $100

How do i find out what series of woodsman colt pistiol i have?

Provide a detailed description, especially on the sights and magazine and magazine relaease

What style magazine is need for the berretta 92G?

92 series

What is the WITCH TV series?

A series about 5 girls with magical powers and they have to battle against evil. It is also a magazine and book series.

What other pistol magazine interchanges with a Daewoo dh 40?

The DH 40 magazine does not interchange with any other magazine, Smith and Wesson, or otherwise. The DP-51, the 9mm version, does accept the 5900 series S&W magazines, however, the magazines do stick out the grip a bit. We have factory pre-1994 ban DH-40 magazines in stock. You can go to or give us a call at 541-281-GUNS (4867).