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you can get airsoft guns on but the best and cheapest site is airsoft

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there are many good online sites but airsoft gi is the best i think.

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There are several places to purchase an air soft gun. Some of these places include: Hobby Tron, Air Soft Mega Store, Air Splat, Air Soft Station, and Air Gun Depot.

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Nothing is totally safe.

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Q: Where can you get a totally safe air soft gun?
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Which is more safe a semi automatic air-soft gun or a spring loaded air-soft gun?

Safety is the responsibility of the shooter, not, the weapon. Weapons are mechanical devices and can fail.

Can you shoot an air soft gun at the carpet?

yes it is 100% safe. The carpet absorbs the bullet.

Can someone die from an air soft gun?

Anything is possible but not likely with air soft. But they do hurt when they hit you. Simply don't shoot anyone with an air soft gun. Treat it like a real gun.

What is the different between air soft and soft gun?

Air soft is the common term, soft air is the correct name.

Is a 276 feet per second air soft gun good?

For an air soft gun it's average. Air soft guns can reach 400 FPS.

Can an air soft gun kill a rattlesnake?

An air soft gun can possibly kill a rattle snake but it depends on the gun and where you hit it

How do you make a air soft gun out of a cap gun?

you can't!

Which is more dangerious air soft gun or bb gun?

A BB gun has a very hard projectile and will cause more damage to a person than an air soft pellet.

What hurts more Nerf or air soft?

An air soft gun would hurt much more than a Nerf gun. A Nerf gun only shoots foam at an extremely slow speed but an air soft gun is pressurized and shoots bb's at a much faster speed.

Does a air soft gun hurt worser than a bb gun?


Do you have to 18 to play a soft air gun?


Can you use air soft in a pellet gun?