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Q: Does htc T8788 contain external memory card?
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Is an external memory slot the same as a memory card slot?


How do you load pictures onto a memory card without an external memory card reader?

Without a port to attach the memory card to, you won't be able to.

Is there external memory storage available for PDAs?

Depending on the PDA there are external memory storage which features an additional memory card that you are attached to the the PDA.

What is the external memory card for Tracfone?

6 trillion geopbytes.

What provides slots for memory cards and can be an internal or external device?

media reader/ card reader/ memory card, reader or writer

How do you download music on Pantech p6010?

You need an external memory card.

Do MacBook laptops have memory card slots?

No, they do not. You have to purchase an external memory card reader.

What is a memory card writer for digital pictures?

An integrated memory card reader is something that is located inside a particular product that is able to read and use a memory card, without an external means of use.

How can you recover pictures from card reader?

Card reader itself does not contain any memory, so the answer is NO. If you mean the card reader with memory card inside, then the answer is YES.

Can you put a memory card on a CPU?

Well, it is possible-with a USB flash stick or a UBS memory card reader. Incase of Laptops they come embedded with memory card readers. For older CPU's external memory card readers are available at any store.

IPhone shows no memory card installed?

Try inserting a different memory card (that you know is working. If you still get the same message - the Iphone is faulty. If, however the new card works, then the original card is faulty.

How much is a blackberry memory card?

well, it depends on what blackberry type you get, for example the blackberry curve 9360 comes with a 4g external memory card and roughly about 500mb stored internal