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Q: How do you rescan a Samsung tv?
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Why is your tv stuck on channel 1.0?

Try to rescan the tuner in the set up menu.

Digital channel missing from TV?

Go to your user's menu in the TV and rescan the channels. If it's there, it'll probably find it.

How do you rescan a cablevision optimum box?

To rescan a Cablevision Optimum box, you typically need to access the settings menu on your TV and look for the option to scan for channels or program guide updates. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the rescan process. If you're having trouble, consult the user manual that came with your cable box or contact Optimum's customer support for assistance.

Is rescan or re-scan a word and which is the correct spelling?

Yes. Rescan.

Will a Samsung le32r51bd screen fit in a Samsung le32r87bd?

can a samsung le32r51bd screen fit in a samsung le32r87bd television

What is weight of Samsung 60 inch TV?

Samsung LN32C450: 20.06 pounds Samsung LN40C550: 33.29 pounds Samsung LN55C630: 55.1 pounds Samsung UN55C6300: 55.3 pounds Samsung UN40C7000: 29.1 pounds

Will you get the same channels in digital that you get analog?

Not necessarily, many stations have changed frequencies (channels) and transmitter location for HD transmission. Don't forget to rescan the TV every few months.

Do Samsung 3d glasses work on all Samsung 3d TVs or is there certain glasses for certain tv modals?

All Samsung active LCD glasses should work with all Samsung sets.

What is the price of Samsung Plasma TV PS63P5H?

what is the price of Samsung PS63P5H

How do you hook up Samsung to LCD tv?

How do you hook up a samsung intercept to lcd tv

what is a good samsung flat screen tv?

A good Samsung flat screen tv is the Samsung K5. A lot of people love this Samsung and it has gotten really good reviews on several websites and in consumer research magazines.

Will there be any 3d TVs?

YES samsung is making them in 2010! samsung is the best