When did Rok plc end?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Rok plc ended in 2010.

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Q: When did Rok plc end?
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When was Rok plc created?

Rok plc was created in 1939.

When did Rok Mašina end?

Rok Mašina ended in 1982.

When did Uniq plc end?

Uniq plc ended in 2011.

When did Resolution plc end?

Resolution plc ended in 2008.

When did Sears plc end?

Sears plc ended in 1999.

When did General Electric Company plc end?

General Electric Company plc ended in 1999.

What is the population of Delbar-e Rok Rok?

The population of Delbar-e Rok Rok is 262.

When was Rok Sako To Rok Lo created?

Rok Sako To Rok Lo was created on 2004-12-10.

When was Rok Benkovič born?

Rok Benkovič was born in 1986.

When was Bird Rok created?

Bird Rok was created in 1998.

When was Rok Golčar born?

Rok Golčar was born in 1985.

When was Rok Marguč born?

Rok Marguč was born in 1986.