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Q: Can you return a contract phone if it keeps freezing?
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How can I get a free phone from Sprint?

You can get a free phone from Sprint by signing a contract with them. This contract means that you have to lock in to their services for a period of time, sometimes two or three years. In return, you don't have to pay for your phone.

Witch phone is better the blackberry or the blackberry storm?

the blackberry storm apparently keeps freezing and stopping so I would recommend the blackberry

Should you buy a non contract phone or a contract phone?

It is up to you. A contract means you can get the phone for free, and get a new one when the contract renews. Non contract is when you have to buy the phone up front and put a PAYG sim in it

What do you need to buy a phone from t-mobile?

You going to sign a contract or no contract? For a contract to get your phone cheaper you will have to do a credit check.

Can you put your contract sim in another phone and carry on with the same contract until the contract expires?

YES; as long as the SIM works in that phone.

Do you need a contract to get a phone?

No, you don't need a contract. You can get a pre-paid phone which means no contract/monthly phone bill, but it depends what you mean by "getting a phone". If you already have a contract and just need a new phone than u can just buy a phone but you will have to pay full price for it unless you have upgrades. If you're a new client than yes you would either have to sign a contract or you could just get a pre-paid phone.

Can you use a regular alltel phone on an alltel prepaid plan?

If I had an contract plan with alltel and i cancelled the contract can i use the phone as a prepaid phone

How can you unlok phone free?

Most phone companies will charge you if you want to unlock your phone before your contract with them runs out. It has been part of the contract

How do you break a cell phone contract?

get a different phone

Do you need a contract to get a Verizon phone?

does verizon require a contract

What happens when a contract phone finishes its contract?

It Just Finishes and that's it. But You still can keep the phone. The sim has nothing on it.

What is the ideal phone for a 12 year old on contract?

A capped contract, phone doesn't matter so much.