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its up your butt.

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Q: Club penguin 4th anniversary where is hat?
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Where do you get the sixth anniversary hat club penguin 2011?

You get the hat from the coffee shop in Club Penguin.

Where do you get the 6 Anniversary Club Penguin hat?

You can achieve the hat at the 6 anniversary party.

How can you get an anniversary hat on club penguin without being at the anniversary?

to get the anniversary hat on club penguin all you need to do is hover your cursor over the pinata about 3 times. (the pinata in the coffee shop on the 24th of October) then it will explode, and a purple and aqua party hat will fall to the ground. walk your penguin over to the party hat and it will say ' you've found a 4th anniversary party hat. would you like to pick it up?' and you click yes. then click on your penguin and check in your inventory and it will be in there.

Where do you get a party hat on Club Penguin?

Every year there is a anniversary and go to the coffee shop and this year its in the present

What is the Club Penguin anniversary like?

It has baloons and decorations and stuff and it has a free party hat and aniversary pin.

How do you get rockhoppers hat on Club Penguin?

club penguin how to get rockhoppers hat and beard

Where do you get 6ixth anniverseray hat club penguin october 2011?

You get the hat from the coffee shop in Club Penguin.

Where do you get the party hat on clubpenguin?

Every year, club penguin has a anniversary party but, for the one in 2009 the hat is hidden in the coffee shop. To get it you have click on the pinata two or more times and a hat will drop on the ground!

Where do you find a party hat from club penguin?

at the coffe shop hurry up the partys one day only its cp 4 anniversary

How do you get a certain hat in Club Penguin?

Depends which hat.

On Club Penguin where do you find the party hat?

find it in the aniversrey of club penguin

Were to get flaying hat in Club Penguin?

( propeller hat ) you can get these in parties on club penguin. Youy can see when a party comes by the newspaper