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No, you don't have to just ask questions. But why would you want to post statements on a website called Answers?

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Q: Do i have to ask you questions cant i say statements and stuff?
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When do you prefer if-else statements?

Prefer over what? Please ask complete questions.

Why ask you anything--you don't answer anyway?

Ask questions that can be answered, and we'll answer them. Questions that call for an opinion, or which make open-ended statements, are likely to be ignored.

Why cant this website have the answers to all the questions people ask?

Some questions are not real questions, others don't have an answer.

why cant we jest ask google this stuff?

people that ar depresed

What are some ditry questions?

some are dirty because people have questions about dirty stuff so they ask

I cant talk to him what should i do or ask?

Just show your stuff and he will come through.

What questions to ask a guy the first 90 days?

U ask what he likes or what he does for fun stuff like that

Why cant people ask easy questions?

because they're in vain of themselves

What are some questions to ask king George the III?

you cant, he's dead

Are interrogative sentences and declarative sentences same?

No, interrogative sentences are used to ask questions and end in a question mark, while declarative sentences make statements and end in a period.

What is a leading statement?

Leading statements or leading questions (the same thing) are ways of asking or talking to influence a person to think a certain way. They will include such things as the answer, the desired direction, and form to guide them to the answer. Body language and tone of voice are also key. Types of sentences and questions related to leading statements are assumptive questions, linked statements, implication questions, ask for agreement, tag questions, and coercive questions.

Why cant people add more interesting questions?

People ask the questions that are of interest to them hoping to find the answer. The questions are not for the interest for those of us reading the questions.