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If an owner of a website does not have a fully functioning site, there is a possibility that someone else can buy that domain name if the owner agrees to sell it. Depending on the situation, one can use several tactics to try to attain the domain. The tactics may be to make a casual inquiry about the site, suggest a low offer or attractive offer, or wait and see if the domain will expire.

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Q: How can someone purchase a domain name that is already owned by someone else?
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What is the meaning for domain?

Domain: an area or territory owned and controlled by someone or some entity.

What were the problems with the lousianna Purchase?

The problem was that Jefferson already owned France money.

What is pre owned?

This means that the thing under consideration is not brand new; it has been owned by someone already.

Where could someone get pre-owned Calloway products?

You can purchase pre-owned Calloway products from a company such as eBay. You can also purchase this product at the website Callaway Golf Pre-owned dot com.

Can you explain the definition of Pre-owned?

The definition of pre-owned is something that has been owned before and has already been used. For example, a pre-owned car is a car that has been owned by someone else who then sold, and now someone else can own the car.

What is a preowned memory card?

A pre-owned memory card is a memory card that was already owned by someone else. It means it is not new.

Why is pre owned cheaper then owned products?

Pre-owned products are cheaper than new products because they are used and may not be the newest version available in the market place. If you purchase a pre-owned product, you will own it, but someone will have owned it before you.

What does the domain name gov stand for?

government or government owned.

What is meant by the Dutch word domein?

The Dutch word domein means domain. A domain is an area or territory owned by a Government or ruler. A domain is also an estate or area of land owned by an individual person or group of people and held in their legal possession.

Why is the name of this website what it is?

You can name a website whatever you want, you just have to buy a domain name ,and for a small fee, you can name and own a website that is not already taken. For example: If I wanted to, I could name a website if I wanted to. But, if I wanted to name mine, I couldn't because the name is already owned by Ganz('R'). You can buy a domain name at websites like

Is woolworths ltd Australian owned?

Yes it is. Their website has a .au domain.

Is A web address that ends in com is owned by the government?

Not necessarily. ".com" is the official suffix for commercial domains, not governments (they use the ".gov" suffix). However, a government could certainly purchase a ".com" domain.