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Q: How do you cancel call forwarding on boost mobile?
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How do you unforward your landline?

To cancel the call forwarding, dial *720

Can you call landlines with boost mobile?

YES! You can call any landlines and to any mobile in the US. And if you have Boost Mobile's international plan, you can call landlines and any mobile to selected countries.

Can I use a sprint samsung s4 in boost mobile?

You might can use your Samsung S4 on Boost Mobile. You will have to call Boost Mobile and see.

How do you cancel boost mobile account?

Call customer care Dial 1-866-402-7366, after the first automated message, push "6", enter your Boost number and pin, then will connect you to a live operator!

How do you cancel call forwarding?

Depending on the carrier or provider, call forwarding may be activated by pressing *72 and deactivate by *73. Else, you need to contact your service provider to aid you on this feature.

How do you delete call history online boost mobile account?

There is no possible way to delete the call history online for a Boost Mobile account. If you would like to delete your call history, this can be done through the phone handset by accessing "Call History".

How do you forward home phone to cell phone?

With Qwest I have to cancel forwarding from the home phone not the cell phone.To activate/deactivate (cancel) call forwarding service on your home phone usually requires some key combination. But if it happens that you forgot those key combinations then you should call your phone providers customer assistant service to cancel it.

Can a boost mobile Samsung rant watch videos on youtube?

from what i heard you can because boost mobile is a branch from sprint the boost mobile samsung rant is a phone that sprint decided to add to boost mobile and is able to be used on you tube but if you want a second clarafication you can always call boost mobile and ask.lolz hope this helpd (:

How do you setup call forwarding?

Call forwarding can be set up according to your pre set answering rules. You can forward calls to another number when your line is busy. Also you can automatically direct calls to your home number, mobile phone number or voice mail when the call to your office phone is unanswered after certain number of rings.

How do I use call forwarding on my cell?

Call Forwarding allows you to forward your incoming calls to another phone number. If you don't know how to use it you can call the customer service for your phone service such as AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.

Can you call forward my t-mobile phone calls from my computer?

Call forwarding system can actually be set up according to your preset answering rule. Example: You can forward call to another number when you are busy or forward calls to another number when call is unattended after certain number of rings. Easy call forwarding from your PC to your mobile phone is done if you have a desktop call control system.

Where is the prefix 14 on a mobile used?

The prefix 14 on a mobile number usually indicates that the call is being directed to a voicemail service or call forwarding feature, depending on the carrier. This prefix is typically used for call management services by mobile operators.