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The backgrund of Gmail can be changed by themes. There are various custom themes available. Blue, black, green, planets, grass etc are some examples.

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Q: How do you change the background color of Gmail?
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How do you change the background color for composing mail on gmail?

They will normally would get a email from them and it would be called 'Welcome to gmail' and click on it and press 'Customise gmail'. It will show lots of backgrounds you can choose from and when you choose one and your happy. Press save and it will save it so when you go on gmail next time. There will be a background. NOTE: You can change it any time by going on that email.

Why cant you change colour of the text in gmail chat?

You can change color of text in gmail. Go to settings in the upper right corner. Select Labs and select Default Color styling to change color.

How do you change the color on the star on Gmail?

The color of the star in Gmail remains the same. It would be yellow always and will not change. The yellow start shows which mail is important.

Gmail--how do you get a background picture or color in Gmail?

Click on the "settings" link in the top right of the page. Then click on the "themes" tab on the right. Click on the one you want.

How do you change the background color in word 2007?

go to layout, then click on color (it has a picture of a paint bucket) and click on a color to change your background

How do you change the color of the background on a paragraph add this to the text background is?


What is the effect of background on the color of a chameleon?

Chameleons do not change color to blend in, the change color according to their mood.

How do you make a Gmail background different?

You can make your Gmail background different by applying themes. These themes have interesting backgrounds in it. You can also upload a manual background.

How do you change Google Drive's backround?

As far as I know, you cannot change Google Drive's background. You can only change Chrome and Gmail backgrounds.

How do you change the background in Gmail?

Click on the gear sign in the top right corner. Then click on Mail Settings, and then Themes.

What do you think the effect of a background color of a chameleon is?

Chameleons change color by temperature not the background. so,nothing it has no effect.

How i add photos to your Gmail profile background?

You can add photos to your Gmail profile background easily. The background can be changed in the themes bar. You can select the theme that interests you.